Personal Insurance Claims

Personal Insurance Claims by People and Families

People rely on their insurance coverage to protect them from catastrophes and disasters such as fire, theft, disabling illnesses or the death of a loved one. When such a crisis occurs, people expect their insurance carrier to live up to its end of the bargain. However, too often the insurance company denies or undervalues a person’s claim. This can result in significant hardship and financial loss for individuals and their families.

At The Callahan Law Firm, we represent people and families from the Houston area and throughout Texas who have suffered due to the wrongful denial or delay of a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim, Fire Claim, Theft Claim, Life Insurance Claim, or Long-Term Disability Claim. Our experienced trial lawyers know how to effectively negotiate with insurance companies and, when necessary, how to get results in court.

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Representing People in Insurance Claim Disputes

If you or your family have been harmed and your insurance company is denying, delaying or trying to pay less than your claim is worth limiting your benefits, it is important to consult with an experienced insurance claims attorney. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling cases against insurance companies for claims including bad faith insurance practices, and can help you and your family with disputes involving:

We have extensive experience in handling insurance claims, and understanding insurance industry practices and the tactics they use to avoid paying full benefits. When necessary, our attorneys are prepared to litigate and have a proven record of success obtaining courtroom results for our clients.

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Understanding your legal rights and effectively handling an insurance claim can be difficult, especially in times of hardship and loss. We are proven negotiators and trial lawyers who represent individuals and their families in insurance disputes. To discuss the issues associated with your Texas insurance claim without obligation or risk, please call or e-mail our firm now.