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    Texas is a beautiful state that is blessed with many exhilarating country roads. It is no wonder many Texans enjoy the freedom of motorcycle riding. Most motorcyclists ride responsibly, but even the safest rider can be seriously injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another motorist.

    More than 8,000 motorcycle riders and passengers were seriously injured or killed in Texas accidents in a single recent year, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. If you were involved in a Houston motorcycle accident or anywhere else in the state of Texas, you may be entitled to compensation.

    If you’ve been hurt in a serious motorcycle accident, the lawyers at The Callahan Law Firm can discuss with you what happened and explain your legal options. We can also help you pursue the financial recovery you need to get back on your feet.

    Our principal attorney, Michael Callahan has a background in mechanical engineering and is board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law. Casey Brown has a background in working in the insurance industry and understands how insurance companies try to protect themselves in these types of claims. Those backgrounds offer unique benefits to our motorcycle accident clients.

    We apply our knowledge and experience for the benefit of all our Houston neighbors, and we are ready to take action for you. Call us now or contact us online to begin your free initial consultation.

    When Do You Need a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident?

    After being involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be wondering whether your crash was serious enough to warrant legal representation. The truth is that most motorcycle collisions are serious due to the lack of protection motorcyclists have.

    At The Callahan Law Firm, our team consists of trial lawyers who focus primarily on severe personal injury accident cases. If you have serious injuries as a result of your motorcycle accident, contact our firm immediately for a free case evaluation.

    Even if your crash was relatively minor, a skilled attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. You may be tempted to let the insurance companies handle everything. They will start by asking you to provide a recorded statement and then proceed to ask cleverly worded questions designed to harm or destroy your claim. Trying to handle any serious injury case including a motorcycle accident case on your own is a good way to ensure you will settle for less than you truly need to recover. Insurance providers exist to turn a profit. Every dollar they give you hurts their bottom line. They will do everything they can to minimize your claim – or deny it altogether.

    This is where our firm can help. We will level the playing field against big insurance companies. Your best interests will be our focus, and we will use our decades of experience and knowledge of motorcycle laws in Texas to secure the best outcome possible for your case.

    If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it’s a good sign our Houston motorcycle accident lawyers can help you:

    • Was someone else at fault for your motorcycle crash?
    • Did you need medical treatment for your injuries?
    • Does your doctor say you need additional treatment?
    • Are you having trouble working due to your injuries?
    • Are you unable to work at all because of your injuries?
    • Are you in pain as a result of your injuries?
    • Are you having trouble participating in your daily activities?

    Why Are Motorcycle Accident Claims More Complicated?

    Motorcycle accidents are different from standard car accidents in many ways. Motorcyclists have much less protection than car or truck drivers. In sum, they are vulnerable when other motorists act carelessly. For that reason, motorcyclists frequently sustain especially serious injuries in an accident. When this happens, injured motorcycle riders may take much longer to recover and file a claim.

    In reality, the injury claims process can be lengthy. You want to begin as soon as possible after your accident. If the insurance company refuses to settle your claim reasonably, you will need to file a lawsuit and take the responsible party to court. Remember that you have limited time to file a lawsuit for an accident that happens in the state of Texas – only two years from the date of the accident, according to Texas’ statute of limitations. If you miss that two-year deadline, you will likely lose your opportunity to pursue fair compensation in court.

    Motorcycle accident injuries often result in a higher value compared to many other accident insurance claims. The more serious the injury, the higher the value of the claim will be, thus the greater is the incentive for insurance providers to deny you fair compensation. Many injured parties also deal with recurring or chronic symptoms that require expensive, long-term treatment. An experienced attorney can help you build a thorough claim to ensure you are compensated for all aspects of your injury, including your future medical bills.

    Most people simply do not understand what it takes to safely operate a motorcycle. Other drivers, insurance adjusters or jury members may not comprehend the laws or the physics that apply to motorcycle riding. That makes it harder for those people to empathize with your situation. Also, popular culture often reinforces negative stereotypes of motorcyclists as reckless or dangerous. This can seriously hurt your claim before you even have the chance to make it. This is another reason why a professional and aggressive legal advocate can help your case.

    How Our Houston Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

    Even in the most serious motorcycle accident cases, some injured people still question whether hiring an attorney is the right move. One way to ease this anxiety is to search exclusively for organizations like The Callahan Law Firm. We work on a contingency-fee-basis. This fee structure means that you will not owe us anything unless your recovery is made in your case.

    When you decide to hire us, our team will work relentlessly on every critical detail of your case. We want to make sure you have what you need to recover. The ways we can assist you include:

    • Helping you understand your legal options and the laws that apply to your case.
    • Offering professional advice based on decades of experience and training.
    • Finding, organizing, and managing important documents like crash investigation records, photographs, witness statements, and medical records.
    • Creating and filing a thorough insurance claim for the compensation you need.
    • Communicating with insurance providers, lawyers, and others on your behalf.
    • Negotiating a fair and reasonable settlement for your insurance claim.
    • Representing you in a personal injury lawsuit if a fair settlement cannot be reached.
    • Ensuring you adhere to legal deadlines and other administrative deadlines.
    • Presenting a compelling and winning argument to any judges or juries in civil court.
    • Arguing on your behalf for a favorable outcome at trial.

    Demanding Full Compensation After a Motorcycle Wreck in Houston

    In too many cases, injured Texans feel like they need to accept lowball insurance settlements. They may be desperate for money, unaware of their available options, or just convinced that they will never see a better offer.

    Do not let this happen to you. With a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, you can be certain that every possible avenue for full and fair compensation is being explored.

    At The Callahan Law Firm, we have handled accident and injury cases throughout Houston and the surrounding Texas areas for more than 25 years. Our attorneys have achieved significant settlements and favorable jury verdicts for hundreds of clients. We can help you get full and fair compensation for the effects of your motorcycle wreck, including:

    • Current and future medical expenses for accident-related injuries
    • Other related expenses like transportation to doctor’s appointments
    • Costs of household services if you need help to function normally at home
    • Lost wages if your injuries leave you unable to work as you once did
    • Lost earning capacity if you’re forced to miss out on future work opportunities
    • Pain, suffering, and physical impairment
    • Loss of enjoyment of life or loss of companionship for spouses
    • Repair costs for damage to your motorcycle or other property
    • “Exemplary” or “punitive” damages, are designed to punish at-fault drivers for recklessness in causing the crash

    To recover damages for your injuries, you need to prove that the other driver or drivers were at fault for your accident. If you happen to be partially responsible for your own crash, you can still recover compensation, but the recovery may be reduced.

    Texas follows a modified comparative negligence doctrine. That means that if your case goes to trial, the jury will be asked to apportion responsibility for the collision between the people involved. The amount of compensation you are awarded will be reduced by your percentage of fault for the crash, and if you are found to be more than 50 percent responsible for your accident, you will not be legally eligible for any compensation. This distinction is another reason why it is so important to contact a Houston motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after your collision.

    What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident to Protect Your Rights

    From the moment your accident happens and during the days, weeks, and months that follow, your statements and actions will have a dramatic effect on any claims you make. To avoid harming your own claim, it is generally recommended that you take these steps after your motorcycle accident:

    • Immediately move to a safe location and seek medical attention if you are injured.
    • Exchange information with other drivers and eyewitnesses.
    • Take photos of the accident scene and any resulting injuries as soon as possible.
    • Avoid statements like “I’m sorry,” “I didn’t see you,” or “I’m fine,” as they may be used against you as admissions of guilt or the absence of serious injury later on.
    • Call the police and your insurance provider to report the accident.
    • Save all receipts, bills, and invoices from medical treatments and related costs.
    • Get medical attention as soon as possible and then regular check-ups to evaluate progress and create a formal health record.
    • Consult with a motorcycle accident attorney in Houston to review your options.

    Tips for Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Motorcycle Accident

    Speaking with an insurance adjuster after your accident may not seem like a big deal, but your words will have a significant impact on the compensation you may be eligible to receive. Insurance adjusters are trained to ask cleverly worded questions that will harm your case. Even innocent statements you make may be understood as admissions of guilt and used to deny your claim.

    The Callahan Law Firm has compiled a brief list of tips to help you deal with insurance adjusters after your motorcycle wreck:

    • Rule Number One is don’t give a statement to an insurance adjuster without an attorney who represents you
    • Make sure you are unhurried and undistracted during your conversation.
    • Consider having a friend or family member present as a witness.
    • Be honest but keep your answers short and to the point.
    • Do not say you’re sorry or mention anything else to imply your fault.
    • If you’re unsure how to answer, feel free to say you don’t know.
    • Take notes and ask for a transcript of your conversation is recorded.

    However, the best tip is not to talk to the adjuster at all. Insurance adjusters are trained in ways to try to frame questions and your answers in a way that saves them money. Instead, let an experienced Houston motorcycle accident lawyer from The Callahan Law Firm do all the talking for you.

    Common Causes of Houston Motorcycle Accidents

    No two motorcycle accidents are exactly the same, but many have common causes. Because motorcycle riders are less visible and less protected than other drivers on the road, they are especially prone to accidents caused by:

    Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcyclists can shield themselves from many surface-level injuries by wearing appropriate protective clothing and helmets. However, this safety gear cannot prevent all injuries.

    Common motorcycle accident injuries include:

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