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Trial-Proven Personal Injury Attorneys in Houston, TX

At The Callahan Law Firm, we are trial lawyers who represent people.  We focus primarily on representing individuals and families in cases involving serious injuries and fatalities.  In addition, we represent clients in claims against their insurance companies including life insurance claims, homeowners claims and others.

 In sum, we fight for the rights of people like you.

Why Do I Need a Trial Attorney?

Insurance companies and corporations have attorneys who will aggressively defend the misconduct of their clients and try to minimize or prevent you and your family from getting justice. Our goal is to level the playing field against insurance company and corporate bullies and fight for your rights.

Insurance defense and corporate lawyers know which plaintiff’s attorneys can and will take significant personal injury cases and first-party insurance cases to trial – and which ones will not. At The Callahan Law Firm, we have a reputation as trial attorneys who can and will successfully try a lawsuit and get justice in the courtroom.

  • We go to trial when a defendant refuses to listen or take responsibility for its actions and compensate our client for the harm it has done.
  • When we settle, it is because the settlement offer made by the defendant makes sense and is acceptable to our well-informed client.


We are trial lawyers with the experience, skill and resources needed to win.


Our clients trust us to guide them through the legal process. We provide personal attention to each person we represent.


We focus our efforts on getting the best results for you. We work on your case while you recover from your injuries.


No Cost Unless You Win. Contact us now for a free case evaluation!


Our personal injury attorneys know that nothing can replace your physical health or the life of a loved one. If you have suffered serious injury, are grieving the fatality of a family member or suffered another severe setback, you need someone to listen, understand and help.