“When a defective airbag took the life of my children’s father, a family member recommended that I call The Callahan Law Firm. They immediately began working on the case and hired investigators and experts to secure the evidence and determine what happened. At the same time, Michael Callahan was there for me and my family and helped us through that incredibly difficult time. Because of the aggressive, highly competent work of The Callahan Law Firm and its team, we were able to hold the manufacturer of the defective airbag responsible and get justice for my children.”

-Becky S.

“After I was exposed to poisonous gas while working on a gas well site in the Eagle Ford Shale, I was unable to return to work for nearly 2 years. That’s when I hired The Callahan Law Firm to help. The owner of the well refused to accept responsibility for what happened. My lawyers took the case to trial and in the end, the jury returned a unanimous verdict in my favor. I would recommend Michael and Casey to anyone who needs a trial lawyer in a serious injury case.”

-Rex Luna

“My husband purchased life insurance to help provide for me if he were to pass away. I was very upset when the insurance company denied my claim. Casey and Michael took the time help me understand the legal and factual issues in my case and then went after the insurance company who denied the claim. I was pleased they were able to make a recovery for me and hold the insurance company accountable for the promises made in the policy.”

-Pamela G.

“When my husband died at work in a crane accident, I wanted answers as to what happened and why. My lawyers at The Callahan Law Firm worked very hard to investigate the incident and uncover the evidence to hold the company accountable. I am so grateful for the work they did to help me get some answers and make the company take responsibility for their mistakes.”

-Brenda R.