Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys in Houston

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    No matter the cause, spinal cord injuries are serious and life-changing. Spinal cord injuries can result in permanent life-altering conditions, including partial or complete paralysis. Spinal cord injuries can leave victims with a host of other problems, such as difficulty breathing, ongoing medical complications, and a diminished ability for independent living. Get in touch with one of our spinal cord injury lawyers in Houston, TX.

    At The Callahan Law Firm, our attorneys have helped people who have suffered a spinal cord injury get through the challenging journey of healing and trying to get on with their lives as best as possible after an accident. We understand how a spinal cord injury can change a life, and we know how to fight for you.

    Attorney Michael S. Callahan is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. That credential is earned by fewer than 2 percent of Texas attorneys. In addition, attorney Casey Brown represented insurance companies early in his career and has insider knowledge on how to battle insurance companies.

    Our personal injury lawyers have extensive knowledge when it comes to spinal cord injury cases. We offer a free case evaluation to talk about what happened, answer any questions you may have, and discuss what we can do to help. We do not charge any fees – attorney’s fees or reimbursement of case expenses – unless you make a financial recovery. Contact us today either by phone or online.

    When Can You File a Personal Injury Claim After a Spinal Cord Injury?

    After a life-altering injury, it is critical that you have someone begin work on your case by preserving evidence, documenting the accident scene, talking to witnesses, and more as quickly as possible after the incident. Spinal cord injury claims, depending on the extent of the injury, can be very complicated and time-intensive. A spinal cord injury lawyer in Houston can help you understand the process and can successfully guide you throughout your claim.

    Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries in Houston

    Spinal cord injuries are serious, and they can happen anywhere and at any time. Common causes of spinal cord injuries include:

    • Car accidents – Motor vehicle accidents can leave passengers and drivers with life-threatening injuries. Due to the enormous forces in car accidents, victims can suffer permanent spine and back injuries.
    • Truck accidents – When a truck is involved in an accident, because of the difference in weight between vehicles and the speeds involved, the energy transfer to people in the vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries including serious spinal cord injury including paralysis. In sum, in a truck accident, the odds of a significant spine or back injury greatly increase.
    • Motorcycle accidents – While motorcycles can be exhilarating to ride, they provide very little protection to motorcycle riders and their passengers. Even with the best helmet and protective gear, a motorcyclist involved in an accident is vulnerable and can easily suffer a severe spinal cord injury.
    • Boat accidents – Recreational vehicles such as powerboats can be hard to control on the water, whether a lake or the open sea. Boat accidents can occur because of operator negligence, poor boat maintenance, as well as environmental conditions such as powerful waves and wind, resulting in a spinal cord injury.
    • Defective products – Defective products, especially those involving automobile defects, recreational vehicle defects, as well as products used in construction and home repair can cause a spinal cord injury. Whether the defective product is an automobile rollover, a recreational vehicle accident, a faulty ladder, safety harness, or another heavy piece of equipment, poorly designed and maintained equipment can result in injury and death.

    These are only a few of the causes of spinal cord and back injuries. If you have suffered a spine injury, contact a spinal cord injury lawyer in Houston today.

    Compensation for a Spinal Cord Injury

    Every spinal cord injury is unique. An experienced Houston spinal cord injury attorney can help you understand what compensation may be available for your injury. Common damages in spinal cord injury claims include:

    • Medical costs and rehabilitation – Spinal cord injuries often require advanced medical care as well as physical and mental rehabilitation. The costs associated with these treatments can add up fast. A spinal injury claim can cover the medical costs related to your injury, both past and future costs.
    • Long-term care and assistance – Back injuries may lead to permanent changes in how you work and live. A claim can seek compensation to pay for the home health care required because of your injury.
    • Physical impairment – The physical limitations that result, whether partial or full, are an element of damages that can be asked for and compensated in an injury claim.
    • Pain and suffering, Mental anguish – A spine injury may leave you with long-term physical pain, but it may also leave you with emotional distress. Compensation for these elements of damages – physical and emotional pain – can be sought as a result of your injury.
    • Lost wages – Spinal cord injuries can prevent you from working for a period of time, can limit your ability to perform certain types of work in the future, and in many instances, can rob a person of the ability to earn a living. If you lose the ability to work now or in the future, compensation for these types of damages can be included in a spinal cord injury claim.
    • Necessary equipment – A permanent spinal cord injury can require mobility assistance devices such as wheelchairs as well as modifications and equipment so that you can live at home. In addition, a vehicle that can be operated or at least accessed by you can also be a part of what is asked for in your claim for damages.

    How Long Do You Have to File a Spinal Cord Injury Claim After an Accident?

    While you can file a claim when you and your attorney are ready, there is a two-year time limit that applies to personal injury lawsuits in Texas. That is one of the reasons it is so important to contact an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer to discuss your rights and determine when your lawsuit must be filed so that you and your family are protected. An experienced Houston spinal cord injury lawyer can clarify this deadline and develop your case to ensure maximum financial recovery.

    Symptoms of a Spinal Cord Injury

    The symptoms of a spinal cord injury will often depend on whether the injury is partial or complete.

    • A partial or incomplete spinal cord injury occurs when the spinal cord is slightly damaged but not severed completely. Any areas below the injury may be affected and may include partial paralysis, tingling or numbness, loss of muscle strength and coordination, and trouble breathing.
    • A complete injury occurs when the spinal cord is severed. This may result in serious and permanent problems such as paralysis below the injury site, loss of muscle control and mobility, and a compromised ability to breathe.

    If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, you may experience symptoms such as:

    • Inability to feel or loss of sensation
    • Loss of muscle control
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Numbness or tingling in your arms and legs
    • Limited mobility
    • Loss of bladder and bowel control

    Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries

    Even though medical science is advancing every day, many spinal cord injuries are irreversible and permanent. After a spinal cord injury, the medical professionals will work to minimize the damage and help stabilize their patient’s condition. This will include stabilizing the patient’s spine, providing medicine that can reduce inflammation and reduce pain, and when necessary, performing surgery to prevent further damage to the spinal cord and to the extent possible attempt to relieve the patient’s symptoms.

    After emergency care, medical professionals will work with patients on their rehabilitation. This will usually include physical, occupational therapy, psychological counseling, and training on the devices that can help you perform daily tasks.

    How a Spinal Cord Injury Can Change Your Life

    Depending upon the nature and severity of the injury, you may need treatment ranging from physical therapy to learn how to live with permanent paralysis. People who suffer severe spinal cord injuries may need a wheelchair and may be unable to work or engage in the activities they love. A spinal cord injury is a serious event. If you suffer one, it is essential to seek the compensation and support that you need to rebuild.

    Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

    The two broad categories of spinal cord injuries are complete or incomplete injuries. Complete injuries impair all functions below the site of the injury, leaving no sensation or function below the injury.

    Incomplete injuries may only result in impaired functions below the injury. Incomplete injuries can bring reduced control in some muscles below the injury and near-complete loss of sensation. If the injury happens higher up the spine, more of the body will be affected in comparison to an injury at the lower end of the spine.

    Even though incomplete injuries may not be as severe as complete spinal cord injuries, they can still be life-altering or life-threatening. An incomplete spinal injury can leave the victim with a lifetime of physical and emotional challenges.

    How a Houston Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Can Help You

    If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, you need to focus on your recovery. A Houston spinal cord injury attorney can help you with all aspects of your personal injury claim. The attorney will gather the documents you need, handle all settlement negotiations, and represent you in court, if necessary. The attorney’s goal will be to seek the maximum compensation that you need and deserve.

    If you have suffered a spine or back injury, contact The Callahan Law Firm today. We are here to help you, and we are committed to making the claim process as stress-free as possible. We have more than 25 years of experience helping those who have suffered spinal cord and back injuries. We know what it takes to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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