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    Boating is one of the most popular recreational activities throughout the Houston region and Texas. That said, boating requires a degree of care for both the operators and passengers on the boat. One careless or negligent act can quickly turn into a disaster that leaves people with serious, life-altering injuries.

    When you have been injured in a boat accident in Houston or its surrounding areas through no fault of your own, you can seek financial compensation for your damages. You should not have to bear the financial difficulties that severe injuries can cause you and your family.

    For more than 25 years, the personal injury lawyers of The Callahan Law Firm have fought for fair compensation for injured victims of boat accidents. We know that injuries from an accident can place a tremendous burden on you and your family. We work hard to make the claim process as easy and efficient as possible for you.

    Our legal team has been on the inside of insurance companies. We know first-hand how insurers try to avoid paying you the fair compensation you deserve. Michael Callahan has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and worked as an engineer prior to becoming an attorney. This background in engineering helps us in taking on even the most complex boat accident cases.

    Contact our firm to set up a free initial case evaluation with one of our boat accident lawyers in Houston. We can discuss your case, and give you information about your legal rights and options. We charge no fees unless we recover compensation for you.

    Common Types of Negligence in Houston Boating Accidents

    Common examples of negligent acts that lead to Houston boating accidents include:

    • Operator inexperience
    • Speeding
    • Drunk driving
    • Distracted boat operators
    • Drowsy or fatigued boat operators
    • Unsafe turns
    • Inadequate maintenance of the vessel
    • Running aground
    • Crashing into piers or docks
    • Boating in dangerous waters
    • Boating in poor weather conditions
    • Lack of onboard safety devices
    • Failing to yield
    • Failing to heed buoys and other warning devices
    • Loading too many passengers onto a boat

    How a Houston Boat Accident Attorney Can Help You

    After you have been hurt in a Houston boat accident through no fault of your own, pursuing a claim for compensation can prove incredibly complex and time-consuming. A Houston boat accident attorney from The Callahan Law Firm can help you by:

    • Investigating the accident to secure evidence that we can use to build your case.
    • Working with accident reconstruction experts to review the evidence in your case and determine how your accident occurred and who may have been responsible for your injuries.
    • Filing your claims with the insurance companies and aggressively pursuing a settlement that provides you with fair and full compensation.
    • Preparing your case to go to court, if necessary, and advocating on your behalf through trial.

    Our founding attorney, Michael S. Callahan, brings a unique technical knowledge to his cases. His mechanical engineering background allows him to have a thorough understanding of how boating accidents occur. Michael is also board-certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. That certification is held by less than two percent of attorneys in Texas. You can rest assured that our firm has the knowledge and experience to successfully fight for your rights in court if necessary.

    We take a small firm approach in our law practice. We limit the number of cases we take on at any one time to give you and your claim the full attention and effort you deserve. We also make sure to always be available to you in person, by phone or by email to answer your questions and keep you up to date on the progress of your case.

    Compensation for Boating Accident Injuries

    After you have been injured in a boating accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to pursue compensation for your physical and emotional harm caused by the accident. Your compensation may include:

    • Past, ongoing, and future medical expenses
    • Costs of personal care, if your injuries keep you from performing personal care or housework
    • Lost wages and income for time you miss from work while recovering from your injuries
    • Lost earning potential if you are disabled from returning to work or from working to your full capacity, leading you to suffer a reduction of your income
    • Emotional distress
    • Pain and suffering
    • Physical impairment
    • Disfigurement
    • Lost quality of life due to physical disabilities or disfigurement

    Let our Houston boat accident lawyers review your case and help you understand what kinds of financial compensation you and your family may claim.

    Time Limit for Filing a Boat Accident Lawsuit in Texas

    Under Texas’s statute of limitations, you generally have two years from the date of your boating accident to file a lawsuit for your injuries and damages. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may have other time limitations on your claim – for example, if your boat accident was caused by a defective or dangerous product, you cannot file a product liability lawsuit more than 15 years after the defective product was sold to its first user.

    If you fail to file your lawsuit before that deadline passes, the court will likely permanently dismiss your lawsuit. That means you will lose your right to pursue compensation in court.

    Talk to a Boat Accident Lawyer in Houston Now

    If you have been injured in a boating accident that was someone else’s fault, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a Houston boat accident lawyer from The Callahan Law Firm.

    We can discuss your accident, and you will learn more about your legal rights and options. You will also learn how our firm can help you and your family seek the financial compensation you deserve.

    You will owe us no fees unless you win. Do not hesitate to reach out to us today by phone or online.