How an Attorney can Help You File Life Insurance Claims

How an Attorney can Help You File Life Insurance Claims - callahan law firm - houston texas - injury attorney

An Attorney Will Help You Understand the Nuances of Your Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance policies are intentionally complex legal documents. The purpose of crafting such a detailed document is to create opportunities for the life insurance company to deny claims.

Our attorneys are can analyze the policy language, file a claim on your behalf and fight back if your claim is unfairly denied. We will break down the agreement’s terms and conditions in plain English you can easily understand. Furthermore, we will counter any erroneous arguments made by the life insurance company with factual evidence to prove you are indeed owed money from your claim.

An Attorney can Help Prevent a Claim Denial

Life insurance companies are eager to deny claims for numerous reasons. From alleged substance abuse to a supposedly lapsed policy, missing evidence, policy exceptions, self-inflicted injuries and beyond, life insurance companies will attempt to deny claims for myriad reasons. You need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner to fight back against such wrongful denials. Our attorneys are here to file an appeal on your behalf following a denial of any sort.

The appeal process involves legal analysis not only of the policy but also of how Texas and Federal law controlling insurance companies. Our legal team is here to perform this analysis, identify applicable state and federal laws and follow the idiosyncrasies of appeal procedures down to the very last detail.  This is the assistance you need to sidestep potentially expensive mistakes and fast-track your life insurance claim.

An Attorney Can Help Ensure a Prompt and Fair Settlement

Life insurance companies look for every opportunity to reduce policy payouts. Our attorneys work hard to to try to make sure your payout is complete and provided promptly. If necessary, we will strive for a settlement that provides you with adequate compensation. This means we will handle all of the interactions with the insurance company on your behalf. Our legal team is also here to provide advice regarding your rights and duties under the policy and Texas and federal law. We will explain exactly what you are entitled to be paid, when compensation should be provided. The Texas Insurance Code has specific deadlines for both insurance companies and claimants. An experienced insurance attorney can make sure you comply with all of the requirements under the Texas Insurance Code and also make sure the insurance companies are complying with their obligations under the Texas Insurance Code.

You Have Little to Lose and Plenty to Gain by Letting an Attorney Handle Your Claim

If the life insurance company is delaying your claim or has denied your life insurance claim, there is no reason to waste your time and effort attempting to convince your life insurer to pay your claim.  You need an experienced attorney to take on the insurance company. An attorney can make sure your claim complies with the specific steps required by the Texas Insurance Code. Though your attorney will receive a percentage of the recovery, the bottom line is this professional’s assistance can greatly increase the chances of a claim payout in the first place.

Our Life Insurance Attorney is a Call Away

Do not attempt to navigate the life insurance maze on your own. Our life insurance attorneys are here to guide you through this process so you receive the money you are owed without delay. Reach out to The Callahan Law Firm today to schedule an initial consultation.