Texas IKEA Shoppers Should Be Cautious

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Research and inspect IKEA products for potential hazards before making a purchase at a Houston IKEA.

IKEA can be a fun place to shop. They do have some handy products that make life easier.

But, they also seem to have more than their share of recalled products. For example, in 2016 alone, IKEA has had at least 4 products recalled. One of the products subject to recall is a Malm dresser which according to lawsuits recently filed have caused serious and fatal injuries to children when the dressers tipped over.

Research Current IKEA Recalls

Both IKEA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission can provide information about every IKEA product that has been recalled. If shopping for something specific at IKEA, it would be a good idea to make sure that any similar products aren’t already being recalled.

What If You Already Have a Recalled Product

If you have already purchased a recalled product, follow the instructions IKEA provides for what to do with the item. It could be as simple as return the product and they will give you your money back. If you don’t agree with their non-return solution for their recall (ex. sending customers wall anchors for dressers that tip over), you can insist on returning the product to get your money back. This may require going to management and holding firm on wanting to return it. But as a consumer, you shouldn’t have to keep a dangerous product in your home that could harm you or your family.

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If an IKEA product you purchased has injured a loved one, please call today for a free case evaluation.