OSHA Deals Blow to Negligent Contractor


Construction work is dangerous in Texas. When contractors are repeatedly cited for serious safety violations, government regulators and the courts need to ensure that justice is done.

Hazardous conditions often lead to workplace accidents around the country. In April of 2016, a 40 foot steel beam collapsed on a 47 year old Des Plaines, Illinois, highway worker causing fatal injuries.

Company Ignored Safety Standards Despite Repeated Citations

According to The Construction Dive, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration levied a stiff fine of $150,000 against Omega Demolition Corporation and placed it on its Severe Violators Program due to repeated safety infractions.

OSHA issued Omega one willful violation citation for overstressing the beam, in addition to one other-than-serious and three serious violations. The agency also added the contractor to its Severe Violator Program, in part because it has issued eight violations over the course of 14 inspections to the company since 2004.

The Severe Violators Program puts companies with frequent and willful safety infractions under more intense OSHA scrutiny. In one sobering statistic, approximately 520 companies were placed on the list between 2010 and mid-2016, with 60% of them being constructions companies.

The article cites a recent Texas jury award of $54 million to the family of a construction worker killed in 2013 while working on renovation of Kyle Field at Texas A&M University.

Fatal constructions site accidents can happen with shocking speed and merciless carnage. In a flash, people can die.

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More Construction Jobs, But More Risk

The thriving Texas economy means construction is underway throughout the state. This means more jobs, but also more responsibility for companies to protect workers. When companies neglect safety protocols, justice must be swift and sure for those injured and the families of workers who perish.

Often there are different contractors and their employees working on job sites simultaneously. If you are hurt and your own employer is responsible, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If the responsible party is a contractor on the work site or one of its employees, you may be able to obtain compensation as a result of making a “third-party” claim against the contractor in addition to workers’ compensation benefits.

An injured person – or the surviving family of a loved one who suffered fatal injuries in an accident – has the right to seek justice for injuries, damages and losses. We dedicate our legal practice to fighting on behalf of injured workers and their families.

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