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Still Waiting For Prompt Payment Of Insurance Claim?

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If you have not received “prompt payment” following a valid insurance claim, a Houston insurance attorney can help. All too often an insured is kept in the dark by the insurance company about the status of their claim. One of an insurance company’s obligations to those it insures is to promptly respond to any reported claim. This means your insurance company must acknowledge your claim in writing and promptly begin its investigation. Then, once its investigation is complete the insurance company must promptly inform you whether or not the claim will be paid.

Insurance Companies Delaying or Denying Payments May Be Held Liable

The Texas Insurance Code provides that if an insurer, after receiving all items, statements and forms reasonably requested and required delays payment of the claim for more than 60 days, then the insurer may be responsible for paying your insurance attorney’s fees and penalties in addition to the full value of the claim.

While each claim is different, this means that if an insurer – after the insured has submitted everything the insurer has reasonably requested – agrees to pay a claim and delays doing so, it could be subject to penalty interest and attorney’s fees. Additionally, Texas law states that if an insurer denies a claim and it is later proved that the denial was invalid then the insurer can still be held liable for the claimant’s attorney fees and penalty interest.

Does the Prompt Payment Act Apply to Your Case?

The Prompt Payment Act applies to insurance claims, whether commercial property claims, business interruption claims, life insurance claims, theft claims, fire claims, wildfire claims and others. Call The Callahan Law Firm for a free consultation to find out if the Prompt Payment Act applies to your case.

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If your valid insurance claim has been delayed or denied, contact an insurance attorney at The Callahan Law Firm for a free case evaluation. Understanding your legal rights and effectively handling an insurance claim can be difficult, especially in times of hardship and loss. We are proven negotiators and trial lawyers who represent policyholders in insurance disputes. To discuss the issues associated with your improperly delayed or denied insurance claim without obligation or risk, please contact a Houston insurance attorney at our firm now FREE CONSULTATION.