Injured on the Job? You May Have a Claim

The workplace can sometimes be a dangerous, even deadly place. In Texas, companies employ many individuals in dangerous occupations that have an increased risk of injury on the job, including shipping, construction, manufacturing, energy and transportation. Unfortunately, this increased risk leads to more actual work-related injuries.

In April, a worker on an oilfield died when he fell from a drilling rig onto a steel floor. According to the accident report, he was doing some service work about 50 feet up, where some pipe was being moved around, when he slipped and fell. The rig is located near Cheapside on County Road 192. It belongs to EOG Resources.

The local authorities also responded to another oil rig accident the next day. An employee suffered unknown injuries after he apparently fell from a rig near County Road 289. Emergency personnel had to climb to reach the victim on the rig flooring 25 feet above, but fortunately he was conscious and responsive.

Common on-the-job injuries in Texas result from industrial accidents, heavy equipment accidents, chemical exposure, maritime accidents, occupational respiratory diseases and railroad accidents. They can be caused by the negligence of co-workers or employers, although “third party” accidents may also be caused by other parties on a job site.

Depending on the nature of the accident, injured parties or their family members may be eligible to pursue a claim for personal injury or wrongful death. Employees may also have a claim for workers’ compensation if the employer is unwilling to pay.

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer can assess your case and help you get the compensation for your injuries you deserve. For more information, contact an attorney today.

Source: The Gonzales Inquirer, “Worker falls to death in oilfield accident,” April 6, 2012.