Court Sentences Truck Driver to 20 Years in Southeast Texas

using cell phone while driving

A tractor-trailer slammed into vehicles stopped due to construction in Rose City, Texas. The problem: cell phone distraction.

A moment of distraction cost the lives of four people in 2014. A tractor-trailer driven by Roy Ellis Holcomb, Jr. slammed into vehicles stopped due to construction in Rose City, Texas. The problem: distraction caused by a cell phone.

As reported by The Examiner, Holcomb pled guilty to four counts of manslaughter before Judge Buddie Hahn of the 260th District Court on August 26, 2016 and sentence was handed down September 29th. Holcomb was sentenced to four 20 year terms to be served concurrently, meaning that the maximum he could serve is 20 years. Prosecutors had argued for the terms to be “stacked”, one after another. Additionally, Judge Hahn, imposed the sentence as “aggravated” due to Holcomb’s reckless disregard driving the big rig.

“Prosecutor Michael Marion said that Holcomb was playing with his phone at the time of the accident, and that the decision to send photos of devilish women to someone only known as “Thunderstruck” and peruse websites while barreling down the freeway resulted in four lives lost, and countless others severely and gravely impacted.”

The carnage was terrible. A grandmother, her two grandchildren and another woman were killed on that day in 2014. For more information, watch the video story from KFMD:

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Significance of a Dangerous 18-Wheeler

An 18-Wheeler – a tractor plus trailer(s) – can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. That’s 40 tons! Truck drivers and the companies that employ them have a responsibility of safety to the public.  And when they neglect this duty by being careless or reckless, there must be accountability for the harm caused.

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