Year: 2021

Urban Researchers Call Upon Federal Government to Give Cities Greater Say on Infrastructure Spending and Reform

With the new administration should come to a new federal infrastructure package, complete with a thorough consultation and complete reform of the American infrastructure system, according to a report released by the Kinder Institute. The report was co-authored by William Fulton and Henry Cisneros. Fulton is the director of Rice…

The Dangers of House Bill 19 Trucking Bill

Texas legislators are working to pass legislation called House Bill 19, also known as HB 19.  This proposed legislation protects unsafe trucking companies from being held accountable for truck accidents caused by their negligence.  If passed, HB 19 will shield trucking companies from responsibility when their negligent acts hurt and kill…

road fatalities - title image

Texas roads have not seen a deathless day since 2000, and Houston has also long been plagued with car accidents, even dubbed the deadliest driving city in America by the Houston Chronicle. But Houston government officials state that they have a plan to end road fatalities within the next decade….