Non-Subscriber Injury Attorneys

Houston Work Injury Lawyer taking Non-Subscriber Cases

A Texas employer who does not carry workers’ compensation insurance is called a “non-subscriber”. If injured in Texas while working for a non-subscriber, an injured employee is allowed to bring a negligence claim against his employer. At The Callahan Law Firm we are Non-Subscriber injury attorneys with a long history of success in representing Texas workers in Non-Subscriber injury and death cases.

Damages in a Non-Subscriber Negligence Case

Bringing a claim for negligence is the only way an injured worker can force an employer that does not carry workers’ compensation coverage to pay for the harm it caused. Damages in a non-subscriber negligence case include medical expenses, loss of earnings, loss of earning capacity, physical impairment, pain, mental anguish and disfigurement.

Examples of Employer Negligence

Examples of employer negligence in non-subscriber cases include the following:

  • failure to provide an employee with a safe workplace
  • failure to provide an employee with the tools and equipment needed to perform work in a safe manner
  • failure to adequately train an employee or employees
  • negligence of a co-worker
  • negligent supervision

If your employer is a non-subscriber and you sustained a serious injury on the job, the injury attorneys at The Callahan Law Firm will work diligently to ensure you get full and fair compensation.

Many Texas Employers are Non-Subscribers

Texas is the only state in the country that allows employers of any size to not carry state-regulated workers’ compensation coverage. Many Texas companies including some of the state’s biggest employers do not carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage. These employers don’t have to pay premiums to carry workers’ comp coverage, thereby saving money, and as a result, employees of non-subscribing employers cannot recover benefits under the formal Texas workers’ compensation system. According to a 2010 survey conducted by the Texas Department of Insurance, 15% of Texas businesses with more than 500 employees do not carry workers’ compensation insurance.