Semi-Truck Driver Causes Deadly Hit and Run

November 10, 2022 | Michael S. Callahan
11.10.22_ACCIDENTNEWS_DPS Searches for Semi-Truck Driver after Deadly Hit and Run_Photo
Photo from CBS7

The Texas Highway Patrol is asking Andrews County residents for help in identifying a semi-truck driver following a deadly hit and run they caused on Wednesday afternoon. The accident occurred about fifteen miles east of Andrews on State Highway 176, at about 12:32 p.m.

The accident is believed to have occurred when a semi-truck struck a red Ford Expedition driving eastbound. Police state that they believe the semi-truck in question has a white cab, and was towing a flatbed trailer loaded with pipes. The driver of the semi-truck left the scene.

The force of the crash caused the Ford Explorer to roll over. The driver and front passenger of the Ford Expedition were not injured in the collision. The rear-passenger of the Ford Expedition was injured in the crash, and died as a result of the collision.

Police encourage anyone with information about the hit and run or the semi-truck driver to call Texas DPS at 432-498-2131, or contact the Andrews Sheriff’s Office.

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