Pipeline Accident Lawyers

The construction and maintenance of pipelines – whether above ground, underground, or underwater – is dangerous work. The companies that own, construct and maintain these pipelines have an obligation to properly construct and maintain the pipelines. Nonetheless, pipeline workers and innocent bystanders sustain injuries or are killed due to blowouts, explosions, heavy equipment accidents or toxic gas leaks.

Based in Houston, Texas, the pipeline accident lawyers at The Callahan Law Firm have the experience, skill and resources to successfully handle these cases and win.  Led by former mechanical engineer and Texas board certified personal injury trial attorney Michael Callahan, we have a proven track record of successfully representing individuals and families in pipeline accidents.

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a pipeline accident, contact an experienced pipeline accident lawyer at The Callahan Law Firm in Houston, Texas for a free initial case evaluation.

Common Causes of Pipeline Accidents

Pipeline accidents occur during pipeline construction work and during regular maintenance.

During construction, as the excavation work moves along the pipeline corridor, the worksite surface and trench are under constant change. These changing conditions include unstable sand, swamp, bedrock, permafrost and extreme weather conditions that create hazards when workers are handling heavy equipment or construction materials.

The dangers faced by pipeline workers and others include exposure to toxic gases and substances, a blowout of the pipeline, explosions, excavation accidents and machinery accidents.

Specialized Knowledge Is Required to Handle Pipeline Accident Cases

Our personal injury lawyers have the background and experience that make them well qualified to handle pipeline accident cases.

Before attending law school over 20 years ago, Attorney Michael Callahan worked as a design and construction engineer on refinery, chemical plant and pipeline projects. He now uses his engineering background and specialized knowledge of the equipment, work processes and safety regulations involved in the energy industry on behalf of his personal injury clients. In addition, Attorney Casey Brown has in-depth experience representing oil and gas workers injured in pipeline accidents and other industrial workplaces.[/vc_column][/vc_row]