Why Are Truck Accident Cases More Complex Than Car Accidents?

The reasons are many.  First, there is the crash scene and the initial investigation by law enforcement.  Although investigating officers will do their best, the truth is most of them do not have the extensive training needed to thoroughly investigate a truck crash and the crash site.  Formal, extensive training in accident reconstruction and commercial motor vehicles including applicable federal and state regulations make a big difference in the quality, accuracy, and results of the crash investigation and the resultant conclusions. That is why in a significant truck crash, your lawyer will hire investigators, an accident reconstructionist, and possibly others to investigate the crash to determine what happened.  In addition, most truck tractors and other late-model vehicles have electronic data recording devices, and a timely download of such data can show vehicle speed, braking, the timing of braking, and other critical information in the moments before the crash.  This kind of critical evidence must be preserved and then obtained to understand what happened and why.  In our experience, rarely does law enforcement perform the data download.

Next, a trucking lawyer will investigate the truck driver, the driver’s driving history, the responsible trucking company or companies based on the U.S. Department of Transportation number and Motor Carrier number of the rig, the owner of the trailer, information regarding the load being hauled at the time including who loaded the trailer, the owner of the load, the shipper, as well as information regarding other possible responsible entities including brokers, maintenance personnel, and others.  In addition, intimate knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as well as applicable state regulations and laws is essential. 

In sum, truck crash cases are complex.  Anyone injured in a trucking accident as well as their family members has enough to deal with trying to get adequate medical care, recover from the injuries, and deal with all the other effects of being involved in a truck crash.  An experienced truck accident lawyer will work on all the details of properly handling the case and allow the injured person, or surviving family members, to do their best to heal.  There is tremendous peace of mind that comes with knowing you have competent professionals handling your case so that you can focus on a future.