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    In Texas and throughout the United States, negligence on the part of oil and gas companies has caused environmental catastrophes resulting in serious damage to property. Although there are federal and state environmental laws in place that are meant to protect people and property, these rules are all too often ignored.

    At The Callahan Law Firm, we represent property owners who have sustained significant property damage due to negligent and sometimes intentional conduct in environmental cases. We have a proven record of success obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements for our clients, including multimillion-dollar awards.

    To request a free, informative case evaluation with an environmental claims lawyer in Texas, please call or e-mail us today.

    Protecting Texas’ Environment and People

    Our experienced trial lawyers represent plaintiffs in a wide range of environmental litigation matters, including:

    • Chemical Spills: Chemical leaks from oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and other industrial facilities can cause personal injury, death, and lasting damage to property rights and values.
    • Water Contamination: When an environmental accident such as an oil, gas, or chemical leak occurs and contaminates water, strong legal action is often required to clean up the damage and compensate victims for their losses.
    • Land Contamination: We handle a wide range of land contamination cases, including those arising from negligence during exploration, drilling, production, and plugging at oil and gas well sites, and improper disposal of industrial waste.
    • Underground Storage Tanks: We are trial-proven Texas lawyers ready to take action for those whose health and property rights have been damaged by UST Leaks and other environmental accidents or negligence.

    Chemical Leaks & Spills

    We strive to give people a powerful, effective voice against corporations that try to avoid responsibility for chemical leaks and spills – whether these accidents cause personal injury, death or lasting damage to property rights and values. Our knowledge and resources enable us to thoroughly evaluate potential legal actions involving:

    • Chemical or oil leaks, whether revealed or undisclosed to the public, at our region’s many aging petrochemical plants and other industrial facilities
    • Water, Land, or air contamination of private property caused by the negligence of energy companies and their contractors during the exploration, development, or production of oil and gas reserves, whether due to leaking storage tanks, pipes, valves, or other equipment, the use of open-air storage ponds for refuse, or because of other negligent and careless acts

    Water Contamination

    We can thoroughly evaluate the issues and legal options associated with threats to domestic and agricultural water supplies, including those caused by:

    • Oil And Gas well site accidents
    • Fracturing by energy companies in an attempt to maximize recovery of oil and natural gas
    • Environmental accidents in the shale and basin regions of Texas and elsewhere in the western United States
    • Underground Storage Tank leaks resulting in groundwater and land contamination
    • Violations of state and federal regulations covering benzene and other chemical levels in drinking water

    Land Contamination

    If an oil, gas, or chemical leak, or some other activity or condition has contaminated your land, please request a free consultation. We are prepared to evaluate your land contamination claim whether it is due to an environmental accident or industrial negligence, such as:

    • Negligence during exploration, drilling, production, or plugging at Oil And Gas Well Sites
    • Negligence in the transportation of oil, gas, and chemicals, whether by pipeline, truck, or train
    • An Underground Storage Tank (UST) Leak
    • Use of open-air storage ponds for refuse
    • Runoff and improper disposal of industrial waste
    • Pipeline Leaks