Young Woman’s Death Latest in Oil Truck-Related Crashes

Young Woman’s Death Latest in Oil Truck-Related Crashes - callahan law firm - houston texas - injury attorney

While the oil and gas industry boom in Texas has been good for the state’s economy, it has also sparked an increase in activity on the roads throughout the region. Many of these roads are ill-prepared for the traffic they are seeing, causing an uptick in serious and even fatal automobile accidents.

Another Life Claimed

Danielle Galvan, 23, died in a car accident just outside of Wichita Falls on March 6, 2018. The mother of two young children, she was heading back to her home in Dallas after visiting her parents in the Panhandle . On the road, her car rear-ended a truck trying to back up onto a highway connecting one of the biggest oil regions in Texas with the urban areas nearby.

Galvan was killed in the ensuing fiery crash, leaving her family and loved ones devastated.

Changes Needed

The truck’s driver was found guilty of manslaughter in October 2019 and served 45 days in the Wichita jail as part of his probation. The driver also delivered a heartfelt apology to Galvan’s family at the trial. No apology, however, can reverse the suffering her family has experienced due to their tragic loss, and they believe more actions should be taken to prevent these types of accidents from claiming other lives in the future.

The Situation on the Road

Galvan’s unfortunate death was one of 1,673 lives lost in the five largest oil and gas areas in Texas in 2018. In the Fort Worth area alone, which includes the Wichita Falls area that claimed Galvan’s life, reports show that 2018 saw 3,400 serious injuries and 710 fatalities on the roads.

Some of these accidents, experts believe, are due to distracted driving. But a number of them are directly tied to the increase in heavy trucks on these suburban roads, as construction races to keep up with the business. The trucks not only lead to accidents, but also often create traffic jams and incredibly long standstills, too.

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