Young Boy Becomes Hero Following Big Rig Crash

young boy becomes hero following big rig crash

Failure of an 18 wheeler to stop for backed up traffic is a common scenario in a big rig accident. And the result if often catastrophic for people in passenger vehicles.

He dreamed of becoming a police officer, of protecting people and saving lives. Instead, five year old Xander Cruz Benoit was tragically killed in an 18 wheeler involved accident as he sat in the back seat of his family’s car. He was the victim of a common scenario in a big rig accident wherein an 18 wheeler failed to stop for backed up traffic ahead.

Loved His Grandfather’s Stories of Saving Lives

The crash happened in West Baton Rouge, Louisiana, September 26, 2017 as traffic ahead had slowed and come to a stop. The Advocate reports that the driver of the big rig, Yasin Ibrahim of Burnsville, Minnesota, failed to stop, plowing into three vehicles, shoving one underneath another truck. Xander was riding in the backseat of his family car when the big rig smashed into the rear. He died two days later at a local hospital.

His grandfather, Lee Benoit, has served as a paramedic. Xander loved hearing Benoit’s stories of the lives he had helped and the boy dreamed of becoming a police officer. After his death, the family decided to fulfill his heroic aspiration by donating his organs, that others might live.

“That was his dream: to grow up to be a hero and a lifesaver,” Benoit said. “We decided to grant his wish and donate his organs.”

Sheriff Mike Cazes reported that the driver of the truck faces counts of negligent homicide and has been cited on five counts of negligent injury and a count of careless operation of a motor vehicle.

Cars in Backed Up Traffic Completely Vulnerable

All too often big rigs crash into the back of stopped traffic ahead with horrific results. Passengers in the vehicles ahead are completely helpless as a tractor-trailer weighing as much as 80,000 pounds hurtles toward them because the truck driver is not paying attention to the road ahead – whether due to distracted driving, driver fatigue, or inattention – and does not see the slowed or stopped traffic in time.

The following video gives a sense of the power of an 18 wheeler rear end crash where one big truck slams into the back of another, fortunately with both drivers surviving.

[videosingle id=”7385″ width=”100%” height=”400″ rel=”false” /]

(Look for the collision around 0:38.)

Houston’s Truck Accident Law Firm

The average passenger vehicle weighs 5,000 pounds and in a crash, it is no match for a truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds. Sadly, many truck drivers while tired, or are distracted by a phone or something else in their cab, and crash into stopped traffic ahead.

When people in passenger vehicles are involved in a truck crash, the results can include debilitating injuries, surgeries, significant medical bills, loss of income, and permanent physical impairment. And worse, there are times when a truck crash results in the loss of life.

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