What Documents and Information Do You Need After a Car Crash?

What documents and information do you need after a car crash - callahan law firm - houston texas - injury attorney

A call to an experienced Houston auto accident lawyer should be one of the first things you do after being in a car accident that has caused serious injuries or a fatality.

In Houston, car accidents are an unfortunate result of the heavy traffic in our fast-paced metropolitan area, as well as in other high-traffic areas throughout Texas and the United States. Across Texas, motor vehicle accidents are a constant reality and a leading cause of serious personal injuries and even death.

If you find yourself the unfortunate victim of one of these serious auto accidents, The Callahan Law Firm has a Houston car accident lawyer that can help you get through this difficult time. Our auto accident attorneys have the experience, skills, and knowledge required to successfully handle your auto accident case.

Car Accident Checklist

  • Other Drivers Contact Information
    • Their phone number and a photo of their driver’s license is ideal
  • Other Drivers Insurance Information
    • Photo of their Proof of Insurance Card is best
      • Don’t depend on the police officer to write this down
  • All witness contact info
    • Don’t presume the officer will write down a witnesses’ name and contact information, it is best if you have that information yourself
  • Pictures of the scene of the accident
    • Including photographs of any debris from the vehicles, skid marks, and damage to property
  • Pictures of damages to all vehicles involved
    • Try to get photographs of the other driver’s license tag in at least some of the photographs
  • Pictures of all visible injuries
  • Copy of Information Exchange Sheet
    • Oftentimes, but not always, the law enforcement officer at the scene may provide you with a short form with basic information including a case number, names and contact information of the parties involved and witness information. The information on this form can help your attorney get the official police report later on
  • Copy of your medical records
    • Any emergency room records, or discharge notes you get from the emergency room