Underground Storage Tank (UST) Leaks

Texas UST Leaks Lawyer Taking Action for Victims of Land Contamination

Our Texas law firm is committed to protecting the rights of people harmed or put at risk by the release of toxic substances from underground storage tanks (USTs). We are trial-proven Houston lawyers ready to take action for those whose health and property rights have been damaged by UST leaks and other environmental accidents or negligence.

Groundwater contamination is the foremost risk posed by a leaking underground storage tank. If you detect an odor of oil, gas or chemicals in a private water well, it is critical to address the problem immediately. Agricultural or other land contamination may also be an issue. We encourage you to contact our underground leak attorneys in Houston for counsel and protection of your rights.

A Firm Grasp of Risks and UST Owner-Operator Responsibilities

According to data published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), well over a half million underground storage tanks are in use across the United States. Any person or entity using a UST to store petroleum products or chemicals classified as hazardous substances is subject to specific federal regulations covering operations, leak or “release response,” cleanup and financial responsibility.

Exposure to toxic chemicals poses risks ranging from respiratory problems or cancer to brain damage, birth defects and organ failure. Many companies that store and pipe these chemicals from underground tanks should make improvements in:

  • Hazardous waste management
  • Employee training, leak/spill control and alarm monitoring
  • Emergency response procedures and preparedness to perform cleanup

Houston Underground Storage Tank Lawyers, Evaluating Claims Nationwide

In oil and gas producing regions of Texas – such as the Barnett Shale, Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale – and others across the country, citizens must be alert to the risks of underground storage tank leaks. Our Houston, TX, lawyers are prepared to consult with private citizens or other attorneys about taking legal action, regardless of who may be responsible for these serious health and property threats.