Trucking Company Hammered by Jury in Fatal Central Texas Crash

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When companies keep big rig drivers with an unsafe driving history on the road, they put the public at risk – in Texas and beyond.

A central Texas man perished in a crash with an 18-wheeler driven by a trucker with multiple accidents and tickets which were known by his employer, O’Reilly Auto Parts.

A Dallas county jury awarded the family of Manuel Galindo $37.9 million, dividing the liability 60% for O’Reilly Auto Parts and 40% for its driver, David Shoots. Shoots lost control of his rig on an icy highway near Burnet, Texas and hit a guardrail, blocking all lanes of Highway 29. Galindo, approaching the scene, was unable to stop, smashing into the big rig.

Dallas County Jury Calls to Account O’Reilly Auto Parts

Evidence in the case showed that Shoots’ truck was stuck blocking the road for several minutes yet didn’t put out reflective cones in time to warn oncoming motorists. In addition, in the three years before the fatal crash, Shoots was in three accidents involving O’Reilly property and two roadway collisions. He also received two speeding tickets and a “How’s My Driving?” complaint, and was involved in a rear-end collision in his personal vehicle.

The deceased, Mr. Galindo, was a husband and father of two teenage children. Companies have a responsibility to the driving public to employ safe, conscientious drivers for their big rigs. Unsafe drivers should be relieved of their driving duties before tragedy strikes.

Here’s a compilation of several serious truck accidents – the roads can be very dangerous.

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