Truck Drivers Account for 1 in 6 Work Fatalities in Texas and Nation

truck accident

Both on the road and off, truck driving is becoming one of America’s most dangerous professions.

In the past, we have talked about the actions of truck drivers and trucking companies that result in injuries and fatalities to others on the road. Unfortunately, truck drivers are also at risk because of the work they do.

This month the U.S. Department of Labor shared that:

“One out of every six American workers killed on the job is a tractor-trailer truck driver. In 2014 alone, 761 tractor-trailer truck drivers were killed while working, which also marks the fifth year in a row that the number of truck driver fatalities has increased. The vast majority of these deaths, 78 percent, were caused by transportation incidents.

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers also have the highest number of nonfatal injuries and illnesses that require days off from work across all occupations (a total of 55,710 in 2014). They rank 6th among the top occupations with highest incidence rates of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses involving days away from work, after police officers and sheriffs, firefighters, highway maintenance workers, correctional officers and nursing assistants. Another way to look at this statistic is that truck drivers had nearly one out of every 20 injury and illness cases nationwide that needed time off work to recover.

In fact, tractor-trailer truck drivers are three times more likely than the typical American worker to have an injury or illness that required days off from work.”

In addition to transportation incidents, truck drivers sustain injuries as a result of other tasks they are required to perform such as when participating in the loading and unloading of their trucks.

So we felt it was valuable to share the other side of the story which is that truck drivers have a job that can pose risks and hazards not only to public, but also to themselves.

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