Tragic Crash Strikes Local High School Band on Spring Break

In a horror that every parent fears during spring break week, teenage student from nearby Channelview High School suffered traumatic injuries as their charter bus crashed, plunging 50 feet down into a ravine along Interstate 10 near the Alabama and Florida state line.

Officials confirmed that the one fatality was the driver, Harry Caligone. The bus was carrying 45 people

Rescuers Rappelling Down to Victims

The CBS television affiliate in Dallas as well as the Mobile, Alabama Fox affiliate reported that the bus crossed the median and into oncoming traffic as it approached the ravine, then plunged downward into the abyss. The interstate was shut down in both directions and every available emergency vehicle in the area was called into service. Emergency responders rappelled down to the crash site and equipment was used to cut the bus open to reach passengers. Baldwin County Sheriff Hugh Hoss Mack said it was a monumental effort.

Rescuers used every piece of equipment on every truck to reach them, Mack said: “This is what we call an all-out.”

Every passenger was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. Eight remained hospitalized.

Fox 10 was told by unnamed officials that the bus itself was new, on just its second trip. The driver was near the end of his shift, due to pick up a relief driver in nearby Mobile. The National Transportation Safety Board was on scene quickly and began interviewing everyone involved in the crash. The investigation into such incidences can take months.

Was driver fatigue a factor?

Certainly the investigation is ongoing and the NTSB’s report will present its official findings later. But the initial reports say the bus veered across the median, into oncoming traffic and then down the ravine. Since the driver was nearing the end of his shift, was fatigue a major factor?

The three NTSB teams are examining the bus, which was removed from the crash scene, the area around the scene including highway conditions, and the driver, including talking to witnesses.

Dramatic Video on Scene

This CBS News video shows how dramatic the scene was, as the bus lies at the bottom of the chasm. The band members had taken one last group photo from Disneyworld before departing on the ill-fated return trip.

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