Savings Texans Lives by Capping Speed of Big Rigs

big rig

A new proposal could physically limit how fast large vehicles could travel in Texas and  beyond.

Speeding 18-wheelers are a danger on Texas roads. Instead of leaving it up to the individual truck driver, government regulators are looking at a new proposal that could physically prevent vehicles over 26,000 pounds from traveling at high rates of speed. It has not yet been determined what speed they will cap the big rigs at if this goes through, but they are looking at 60, 65 and 68 mph limits.

According to the Associated Press, these limits are for the safety of the drivers on the road, as well as a decrease in fuel costs:

“The government said capping speeds for new large vehicles will reduce the 1,115 fatal crashes involving heavy trucks that occur each year and save $1 billion in fuel cost…Yet there is another compelling reason to limit truck speeds. An investigation last year by The Associated Press found that 14 states have speed limits for big trucks that are equal to or higher than their tires were designed to handle. Most truck tires aren’t designed to go faster than 75 mph, and tire manufacturers say traveling faster than that can cause tires to fail and blow out, creating safety issues.”

Wanting More Than Just New Trucks

The current proposal is for newly manufactured trucks only and would not require retrofitting current trucks on the road today. This is not a big enough step for many safety advocates who are calling for all trucks to be required to adhere to the new restrictions. One of the most outspoken of these advocates is Steve Owings:

“We are dismayed and outraged to learn the proposed rule will be for newly manufactured trucks and will not apply to the millions of trucks with which we continue to share the roads today,” he said.

Steve and his wife Susan founded the nonprofit group, Road Safe America, after their son Cullum was killed by an 18-wheeler that was travelling over the speed limit when it hit their son’s stopped car.

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