Largest Recall in U.S. History: Recalls Continue on Exploding Airbags

largest recall in US history: recalls continue on exploding airbags

Over the past few years, automakers have recalled tens of millions of vehicles with Takata airbags. In the latest round, Honda is recalling 1.1 million vehicles. This massive recall comes just months after Toyota recalled 1.7 million vehicles worldwide, including 1.3 million in the U.S.

Honda announced the recall earlier this month and said that the company will mail recall notices to owners in early to mid-April. However, replacement parts from non-Takata suppliers are available now.

Worldwide, vehicles equipped with Takata airbags are highly susceptible to an explosion, sending potentially deadly shrapnel throughout a vehicle’s cabin. A manufacturing defect in the bag causes inflators to be exposed to heat for prolonged periods of time, which can cause the airbag to explode when deployed.

At least 23 deaths have been linked to Takata’s exploding airbags, including 15 in the U.S. so far. Honda and Toyota have also reported numerous injuries to passengers.

In addition to the millions of Honda and Toyota recalls recently announced, Ford, General Motors and Acura have also issued recalls, bringing the total number to well over 50 million. The recall forced Takata to declare bankruptcy in 2018.

With summer travel plans coming up, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging customers to have their vehicles checked for recalls and maintenance.

According to Car and Driver, the vehicles with the highest likelihood of explosion include the 2001–2005 Civic; 2001–2007 Accord; 2002–2003 Acura 3.2TL; 2002–2004 Odyssey; 2002–2007 CR-V; 2003 Acura 3.2CL; 2003–2006 Acura MDX; 2003–2008 Pilot; 2003–2011 Element; 2004–2006 Acura TL; 2006–2014 Ridgeline; 2007 Fit; 2007–2016 Acura RDX; 2009 Accord; 2009–2014 Acura TL; 2010–2011 CR-V; 2010–2013 Acura ZDX; and 2013–2016 Acura ILX.

If you believe your vehicle has an open recall, you may check NHTSA’s website. When directed, plug in your vehicle’s 17-digit vehicle identification number into the NHTSA website. If your number does not appear, your vehicle does not have any open recalls.

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