Podcast: When the Deck Is Stacked Against You

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Michael Callahan speaks about a challenging truck accident case with California attorney Scott Glovsky. It’s the story of a seemingly impossible case that was won through hard work, caring about the client, and trusting the jury.

Never think your Texas liability case is impossible.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sharing the story of a case that had a deep impact on me personally and professionally with a friend and colleague of mine, Scott Glovsky.

The case involved a 27-year-old, single mother named Aries who was seriously injured when a cement truck crashed into the rear of the van she was driving. The crash resulted in the deaths of all 7 elderly clients she was transporting at the time and fractured her spine paralyzing her permanently from the waist down. It also left her 8-year-old son with a mother who now needed to be cared for, instead of her caring for him.

The police investigation concluded Aries was at fault for the crash. And as time went by, additional facts were discovered that painted Aries in a negative light. The case quickly became one where the odds were stacked against her and justice for Aries seemed remote at best. The condition of her vehicle and lack of current registration made her look negligent and uncaring for the clients she was responsible for in her van. This was not the case.

First impressions can be deceiving. With patience, time, persistence and caring for a fellow human being, the true story eventually emerges.

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