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Did an Unsafe Drug Cause Your Disabling Illness?

At The Callahan Law Firm in Houston, TX, our PPH attorneys recently took action on behalf of a person we believe developed primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) due to use of a diet drug similar to Fen-Phen. Fen-Phen was taken off the market in 1997, but many credible medical experts have voiced opinions that such harmful diet drugs’ health impacts may not surface until a decade or longer after the patient has stopped using them.

If you have a serious health condition caused by a dangerous drug, contact us today to discuss whether legal action may be appropriate. Our Houston-based lawyers know primary pulmonary hypertension — also called primary arterial hypertension (PAH) — is life-altering and potentially fatal. We are dedicated to helping clients recover just, much-needed compensation from pharmaceutical companies and increasing public awareness of such risks.

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If you have primary pulmonary hypertension, you may be coping with:

  • A range of limiting and disabling symptoms such as difficulty breathing and extreme fatigue
  • The prospect or burden of overwhelming medical costs for ongoing treatment with drugs, a potential lung transplant, or new, experimental treatments

The rare lung disorder PPH/PAH is called “primary” pulmonary hypertension when the cause cannot be identified. When a similar rise in blood pressure occurs because of another illness, the problem is labeled “secondary.” However, many medical opinions including a landmark Mayo Clinic study have linked Fen-Phen to primary pulmonary hypertension — and other diet drugs have similar ingredients, including ephedra.

In 1999, the manufacturer of Fen-Phen agreed to pay a multibillion-dollar settlement to victims of heart valve disease. This settlement did not eliminate future recourse for primary pulmonary hypertension sufferers, however.

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You will take on no added financial risk when you choose to contact our attorneys about your potential drugs case. We will respect your concerns, take you seriously and, if we can pursue your valid claim, represent you on a “no recovery; no fee” contingency basis.