Birth Injury Attorneys

Across Texas, our lawyers strive to be a trusted legal resource for people affected by serious and catastrophic injuries. If your child was injured at birth and that injury was preventable, we can offer assistance so you can claim the damages you deserve for your child’s care.

Our attorneys focus primarily on cases involving life-changing injuries or wrongful death. Our trial lawyers work together with medical malpractice law firms with the goal of assembling the best legal and trial team for you.

We treat each client with care and compassion. If you believe a doctor, other medical professional, or hospital is at fault for a serious birth injury to your child, contact us for a free case evaluation to discuss what happened and the legal options that may be available.

Sound Legal Counsel When You Suspect a Life-Changing Medical Mistake

Award “caps” and other changes in Texas laws have made recovering fair compensation for medical malpractice an even greater challenge today than in decades past. However, in our view it remains incredibly important to hold doctors, hospitals and insurance companies accountable to consumers. Birth injury cases that our Houston-based lawyers will consider include those involving:

  • Cerebral palsy or other forms of irreversible brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation
  • Erb’s palsy or other conditions often attributable to labor-and-delivery errors including the negligent use of forceps or vacuum extraction
  • Other permanent disabilities due to an anesthesia error, failure to perform a necessary and timely C section, or other avoidable mistake by hospital personnel

We will hear you out and call on experts so that our legal team can provide a realistic view of your likelihood of success if you choose to pursue a claim. This requires assessing whether a violation of the prevailing medical standard of care occurred, and if so, determining the severity and likely costs of your child’s birth injuries.