Wrongful Amputation &
Limb Loss Attorneys

The loss of a body part whether an arm, leg, foot or hand in an accident is devastating. Even the amputation of one or more fingers can end or restrict one’s ability to continue in a current occupation. At The Callahan Law Firm, you will speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas who knows what it takes to effectively represent people who suffer serious injuries due to others’ negligence or reckless behavior.

Whether an amputation happened immediately or was later required due to extensive tissue damage or for other reasons, you can turn to us for a free consultation. Call or email to talk with us about what happened and the legal options available to you.

Experience in Cases Arising from Loss of Limb and Crush Injuries

Our Houston-based lawyers know from long experience that amputations can occur in a wide range of catastrophic accidents. Whether hurt by a cutting action or as a result of crush injury necessitating an amputation, we understand that the future can be uncertain and intimidating, both personally and financially. At The Callahan Law Firm, our Houston serious injury lawyers have the knowledge, skill, experience and resources to effectively represent people suffering from amputations and crush injuries in cases involving:

  • Car Accidents and highway or freeway Trucking Accidents
  • Building collapses and other structural failures on construction sites and other Industrial Work, locations
  • Heavy Equipment Accidents involving forklifts and other industrial vehicles
  • Oil And Gas field accidents occurring on well sites, drilling rigs, vessels and pipeline construction sites
  • Maritime And Offshore Accidents, as well as FELA Claims arising from railroad accidents

Medical and rehabilitative costs associated with an amputation can be substantial. And the emotional toll cannot be underestimated.You can depend on a personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas to investigate your amputation or crush injury case thoroughly for causation, liability and sources of recovery. For our clients, we start preparing the case for trial from the time we are retained, focusing on obtaining maximum compensation that can help you return to a productive life.