Houston Traffic Among Deadliest America

A management group confirms that Houston roads endure an alarming level of carnage, with one fatal crash for every mile of roadway.

Sometimes statistics only confirm what your gut already told you.

That’s the case with the new graphic released by the fleet management firm TeleTracNavman which maps out the most deadly roads in America. With both numbers and color coding, major highways and interstates reveal the number of crashes per mile of road. Texas, and particularly Houston, has the highest concentration of red and pink roadways, the two colors representing the most deadly roads.

Image credit TeleTracNavman.

Death by the mile

Major state or interstate highways flow from Houston to other major cities like spokes from a wheel. The worst stretch of Interstate 45 is from Galveston, through Houston northward to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. That ribbon of concrete claimed over one person’s life per mile, with 290 deaths over the 285 mile road from Houston to DFW during 2015.

Need to drive to San Antonio?

The entire stretch of I-10 from California to the east coast sees 1,730 deaths over a 2,460 stretch, meaning your trip to the Alamo City sees seven deaths for every 10 miles.

Going to the state capital in Austin?

State Highway 290 ends 165 lives per year along its 261 mile route.

All of these numbers make the corridors flowing in and out of Houston the epicenter of highway fatalities in the nation. Certainly other major metros such as Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and New York rank high as well, but many of those cities have better developed mass transit eliminating the need for as many cars, reducing traffic deaths.

A dubious #1 statistic

Perhaps a major factor in those Houston fatalities is drunk driving. Houston ranks #1 in drunk driving accidents in the state of Texas. In 2012, there were 2,809 drunk driving accidents in Harris County, with 175 fatalities.

Add to that the sheer volume of 18 wheelers in Houston, servicing the Port of Houston, the petroleum industry and chemical plants, and all the ingredients for a recipe of grinding metal and devastated lives are in place.

This video shows how quickly drunk driving can lead to tragedy (32 seconds).

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