ExxonMobil Refinery Explosion and Fire Baytown, TX

Four people have been injured in what is being called a “major industrial incident” early this morning after an explosion and a fire took place at an ExxonMobil refinery in the Houston-area city Baytown.

Local residents called first responders at 1 a.m., stating they were woken up by a blast. Emergency response teams worked to extinguish the fire, and were still doing so as of 6:30 a.m. this morning.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office reported that of the four people who were injured in the incident, three have been life flighted to Memorial Hermann, with the fourth person being transported via ambulance. Two workers are being treated for burn injuries, the third person is being treated for injuries related to a fall of about 40 feet, and the fourth worker is being treated for a fracture.

Exxon officials state that the four workers are in stable condition, and that the rest of the crewmembers have been accounted for. The explosion and resulting fire were reported to have occurred in a part of the Baytown ExxonMobil refinery that produces gasoline. While that area has been cleared, the rest of the plant is still in operation. There are currently no evacuation or shelter-in-place orders.

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