Explosion at Natural Gas Well Fracking Site Injures Several Workers

A July 7, 2013, explosion at a natural gas well fracking site in West Virginia injured several workers, including five contract workers who suffered serious burn injuries and remain hospitalized. Only months before, an explosion at another WV natural gas facility injured three workers, two of whom died from their injuries.

The July 7 explosion in Doddridge County occurred at a natural gas well fracking site operated by Antero Resources. The blast happened during flowback operations, which are necessary after hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Workers were inserting a narrow production tube in a metal casing around the drilled hole when methane gas ignited. State and federal officials, along with independent safety firms hired by Antero, are investigating the cause.

On April 11 in Tyler County an explosion at a Eureka Hunter Pipeline natural gas facility injured three workers. Initial reports indicated the fire was fueled by natural gas liquids that ignited in tanks during pipeline pigging operations. Two of the injured workers died within days of the blast.

There is no denying that oil and gas work is dangerous. Two oilfield workers were killed on the job in Texas last month, adding to a quickly growing number of workers fatally injured as the result of incidents at oil and natural gas sites, including fracking sites.

Many oil and gas-related accidents are preventable. According to a report by a North American safety provider , at least 11 oilfield deaths in the South Texas region could have been prevented if companies had followed safety protocols.  In the rush to increase profits, mistakes are made, shortcuts are taken and lives are lost.

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