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Have you been injured in an auto accident because of a defective tire?

Over a recent five year period, 3.2 million defective tires were recalled, yet a frightening number of consumers have no idea that one or more of the tires on their vehicle could be dangerous. This is a serious issue in the area of defective products – because defective tires can have deadly consequences.

The federal government has admitted that the recall notification system for defective tires is “completely broken” according to NBC News. Bad tires cause 33,000 accidents and 500 deaths per year (2015). Yet the National Transportation Safety Board says that, because of a dysfunctional notification system, half of all defective tires remain on the road despite recalls. Since independent tire dealers are not required to register tires sold with the manufacturer, recall notices cannot reach owners.

Thousands of Accidents – Hundreds of Deaths from Defective Tires

The tragic result is tens of thousands of accidents, hundreds of deaths and untold injuries each and every year. If you or a loved one has been in a serious accident caused by a tire failure, chances are you did not know you were at risk.

Most car owners can determined when their tires have become worn and need replacing by simply looking at the tires. But defective tires often show no signs of trouble until the moment of failure. A visual inspection of a defective tire would rarely reveal a subtle or hidden tire defect. As a result, people drive everyday unaware of the danger.

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