Big Rig Swerves Kills Man Oklahoma

An 18 wheeler swerves onto the shoulder of a turnpike, killing a tow truck driver doing his job. Oklahoma trooper declares “no need for this.”

An Oklahoma tow truck driver was killed while working to haul a disabled vehicle when an 18 wheeler crashed into him after inexplicably swerving onto the road shoulder, a tragedy that could easily happen along any busy Houston freeway. The tow truck driver had followed every safety protocol to the letter.

Distracted drivers imperil wrecker crews

The January 26th accident happened along the Will Rogers Turnpike outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. KJRH Channel 2 reports that the 43 year old tow truck driver, Jonathan B. Taylor, had taken every safety precaution to haul the disabled vehicle. Trooper Trent Short of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol expressed frustration.

“He was doing everything right. His truck was positioned off the roadway, he had safety cones set up and there’s no need for this,” Trooper Trent Short, with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, told KJRH.

Another Tulsa area wrecker driver gave harrowing tales of trying to work alongside busy highways with vehicles whizzing past. In one account, a fireman had to jump back into his fire truck to avoid being hit. The crews blame distracted drivers. This video shows just how terrifying it can be for wrecker drivers, and their frustration with careless drivers.

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What Caused the 18 Wheeler to Swerve?

The accident is still under investigation, but any vehicle veering out of its lane raises concerns of a possibly distracted or a dozing driver. Was the driver of the 18 wheeler on his cell phone? Was he fatigued from long hours of driving? These are things that accident investigators will look into.

A Terrible Tragedy

The towing company for which Taylor worked issued a statement expressing shock and grief.

“This is a terrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to the Taylor family. We are anxious to learn the results of the official investigation. Until then, we can only help a member of the Allied family deal with the loss of a loved one,” the company wrote on Facebook.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the family.

Inattentive or Impaired at Breakneck Speed

Big rigs slamming into the back of slowed or stop vehicles, or drifting out of their lane to hit other cars is all too common. Whether caused by a driver on his cell phone or dozing from fatigue, the result is often catastrophic.

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