Truck crash | Car accident (Dashboard cam) 06/2016 #10 05-26-2016 Crash – Wreck IL I-55 MM197 (USA)

Car Crash | Car Accident (Dashcam)SUBSCRIBE driver's involved survived. I was the first responder on the scene.After the crash. I parked the vehicle. Put on my safety vest, boots and Gloves. Got out and deployed my reflective triangles diverting traffic around the wreck. Got my personal first aid kit and checked to see if either driver's needed medical attention. Was relieved by the paramedics once they arrived on scene. Informed the law enforcement on scene I had dash cam footage of the incident. Got back in my tractor, synchronized the dashcam footage with my laptop and prepared the footage on USB for the state troopers and victim of the accident which I let them view then gave it to improve their investigation. Then I helped secure the victims trailer with straps and bungies in preparation for the police escort to a close-by travel center.Both driver's were alright. The tractor I'm using got some oil and debris on it, but no physical damage. Received many thanks and appreciation from the law enforcement, emergency responders and drivers for the help.Another productive day, another safe day, another day where being prepared paid off.________Channel is dedicated to road safety, watch car crashes and drive correctly and responsibly! On this channel you'll see Car Crashes, Road Rage, Truck Crashes, Motorcycle Crashes, accidents with pedestrians. All crashes are non-fatal. This videos is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe.2016 Car accidents all over the world, Dashcam, Police chase, Bad drivers, Woman driving (behind the wheel), Unfall, Wypadek, Аварии, ДТП, Car Crash Compilation, Dash cam, Road accidents, Car video recorder, DVR, Road accidents, Truck Crash, Moto crash, Cycle Crash, Unfälle, Wypadki samochodowe, Дорожно-транспортные происшествия, Автомобильные аварии, Автокатастрофы, Видеорегистратор, Драки, Конфликты, Пешеходы, Агрессивное поведение, Жесть, Авто приколы, Полицейские погони, Помощь на дороге, Crush, Fight, Conflict, Fun, Help on the road.