Truck Kills Child Coming Home from School

Parents naturally want their children to be safe in Houston, Texas and across America. A California family is living their worst nightmare as their child was killed after school by a truck driver. The parents of eight year old Brock McCann are suing CR&R Environmental Services, the trash hauler contracted by the city of Newport Beach, California, after one of their drivers ran over their son on his bicycle headed home from school.

High Risk Area Should Mean Extra Caution

Young Brock was on his bicycle headed home from Newport Heights Elementary school, according to the Orange County Register, when trash truck driver Roberto Zermeno Pedroza made a turn while only looking to his left, not his right. The McCann boy was entering the cross walk from the right and Pedroza did not see him, hitting and killing him. A camera inside the truck cab confirmed Pedroza did not look to the right.

Parents Patrick Murphy McCann and Bernadette McCann have filed suit for unspecified damages. Besides holding the driver responsible, they believe the company is negligent for not rescheduling their pick up times later in the day, after the dismissal times of three schools nearby with a total of 6,000 students.

“Safety standards indicate that when you know there’s going to be a bunch of young kids in the neighborhood around that time, you schedule around it, which would not have been that difficult for them to do,” said Darren Aitken, attorney for the McCann family.

The suit further alleges that CR&R failed to install “bug-eye” mirrors on the truck’s right side windshield that would have compensated for blind spots associated with the side mirror.

The incident prompted the city of Newport to review pedestrian and bicycle safety measures and to install additional stop signs in the area of the accident.

A Moment of Miscalculation Means Disaster

All drivers must be safe, but operators of large trucks are professional drivers who have a heightened responsibility to drive with care. The following video of various big truck accidents illustrates how a momentary lapse in judgment can result in catastrophe and lives put in jeopardy.

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