Fire Hazard: Ford Recalling Nearly 2 Million F-150 Pickups

fire hazard: ford recalling nearly 2 million f-150 pickups

Officials from Ford have begun the process of recalling approximately 1.7 million of its popular F-150 pickup trucks. The company stated that the mechanism used to lock seat belts into place during a crash can generate excessive sparks when activated, increasing the risk of fire in the cabin.

Although no accidents or injuries have occurred, Ford confirmed 17 reports of smoke or fire-related issues due to the faulty seat belt mechanism in the United States. 6 other cases have been reported in Canada.

The recall notice said that 1.6 million Ford F-150 Regular Cab and SuperCrew Cab trucks manufactured in 2015–2018 are at risk. Additionally, 340,000 trucks in Canada and 36,780 in Mexico are also affected by the issue.

Owners of F-150’s that receive a recall notice should visit a Ford dealer as soon as possible. According to Ford, “Dealers will remove insulation material from the B-pillar trim, remove remnants of wiring harness tape in the B-pillar area, and apply heat-resistant tape to the carpet and its insulation.” Dealers will also modify back interior panels of certain models.

The repair will come at no cost to owners.

The recall is in response to an investigation by the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration last year after receiving five complaints from F-150 owners.

If you believe your vehicle has an open recall, you may check NHTSA’s website. When directed, plug in your vehicle’s 17-digit vehicle identification number into the NHTSA website. If your number does not appear, your vehicle does not have any open recalls.

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