How Much Is My Truck Accident Worth?

The honest answer is that it is difficult to impossible to say how much a specific truck accident claim might be worth because every truck crash is different. The value of your case will depend on the injuries you suffered, the medical treatment received, the necessity and cost of future medical care, physical impairment, the investigation of the crash and the findings, evidence collected regarding the crash and the responsible parties, the amount of liability insurance available, and other factors. 

While it’s difficult to put an exact number on a case without having more detailed information, Texas truck accident victims can generally be compensated for:

  • Their cost of medical care in the past and future
  • Their lost wages as a result of the truck crash
  • Their diminished ability to work and earn a living as a result of their injuries
  • Their pain and suffering
  • Their physical impairment
  • Their disfigurement
  • Their mental anguish, such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Their property that was damaged in the accident