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Our personal injury lawyers at The Callahan Law Firm in Houston have obtained significant settlements and jury verdicts for their clients. However, Rule 7.02 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct regulates whether and how attorneys may disclose to potential clients past settlements or jury verdict results.

Below is a list of certain cases the firm is currently handling, as well as some of the cases our personal injury lawyers in Houston have successfully handled over the years. A list of actual cases successfully handled since 1994 would total in the hundreds.

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Ongoing Cases Handled by Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston (not a complete list)

Oil & Gas – Rig crew’s negligence crushed oil field worker’s lower leg causing permanent nerve damage. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS/RSD).

Auto Accidents – Drunk driver crashes into mother’s car causing fatal injuries to 9 year old girl and seriously injuring two other child passengers and mother.

Oil & Gas – Rig crew supervisor’s gross negligence resulted in death of 27 year old oil field worker, father of three.

Civil Rights, Section 1983 – Reckless road blockade caused crash resulting in substantial, permanent brain damage to two young men, ages 19 and 20.

Workplace Injuries – Forklift operator negligently backed into co-worker causing severe crush injuries to lower leg. Fasciotomy.

Trucking Accidents – Driver of 18-Wheeler traveling at unsafe speed crashed into rear of pick-up truck causing facial injuries and career ending spinal injuries to innocent driver.

Oil & Gas – Oil company’s negligence exposed rig crew to lethal levels of toxic Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas. Permanent respiratory disease.

Workplace Injuries – 18-Wheeler driver negligently pulled away from loading dock throwing worker out the back of the trailer resulting in serious spinal and shoulder injuries. Surgeries.

Child Injuries – Health Club’s unsafe pool drain collapses causing severe fractures to 7 year old girl’s leg at growth plate. Permanent disability. Multiple surgeries in the past and required in the future.

Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith – Worker’s compensation insurance company wrongfully refused injured worker’s compensation claim for spinal injury.

Workplace Injuries – Large display collapses on worker crushing hip and leg. Multiple surgeries, permanent hardware inserted in leg.

Past Cases Handled by Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston (not a complete list)

Auto Accidents – Drunk driver crashes into car stopped at a toll both injuring family and fracturing young girl’s leg.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents – Cement truck owned by major international cement company and driven by negligent truck driver crashes into van on freeway shattering 27 year old mother’s spine. Paraplegia. Jury verdict.

Oil & Gas – Negligence of rig crew results in serious injury to oil field worker’s hand. Amputation.

Maritime & Offshore Injuries – Canadian worker seriously injured in offshore explosion off the coast of China while working for U.S. based company.

Workplace Injuries – Forklift accident crushed worker’s foot and toes. Employer did not carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Jury verdict.

Trucking Accidents – 18-Wheeler made unsafe lane change on highway, slamming car into concrete median causing it to spin several times, seriously injuring client.

Products Defects – Piping failure due to defective connection resulting in massive facial fractures and head injury.

Oil & Gas – Faulty drilling rig equipments results in worker’s shattered lower leg.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents – Company employee in hurry ran red light crashing into grandmother’s car causing hand and spinal injuries.

Workplace Injuries – Contractor decides on unsafe but cheaper method to raise building materials to roof resulting in worker falling 3 stories. Permanent brain damage. Jury verdict.

Oil & Gas – Negligence of lay down crew results in injuries to worker’s hand and fingers. Amputation.

Maritime & Offshore Injuries – Reckless captain causes boat collision resulting in seaman’s career ending spinal injuries.

Workplace Injuries – Untrained forklift driver flips forklift resulting in fatal injuries. Death.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents – Commercial truck driver pulls out from stop sign in front of vehicle on freeway severely injuring innocent driver. Multiple fractures, spinal injuries.

Products Defects – Defective electronic device manufactured in China burns down family’s home.

Workplace Accidents – Heavy equipment comes off defective trailer crushing worker’s leg. Jury verdict.

Oil & Gas / Property – Negligent drilling of gas well contaminates landowner’s water wells.

Commercial Vehicle Accident – Distracted driver of garbage truck crashed into client’s vehicle causing career ending spinal injuries to innocent driver.

Workplace Accidents – Inattentive forklift driver crashes into worker at refinery.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents – Speeding delivery vehicle strikes jeep causing it to flip and rollover resulting in serious spinal injuries. Jury verdict.

Oil & Gas – Worker injured as a result of defective premises.

Bad Faith Insurance – Insurance company refused to pay homeowner’s fire claim.

Auto Accidents – Inattentive driver swerved in front of innocent truck driver, causing truck to rollover, ejecting driver and resulting in fatal crush injuries. Death.

Workplace Injuries – Inattentive operator of heavy industrial equipment crashed into worker.

Workplace Injuries – Worker injured as a result of defective premises. Jury verdict.

Bad Faith Insurance – Insurance company wrongfully denied small business owner’s theft claim.

Workplace Injuries – Inattentive heavy equipment operator backs into employee.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents – Truck driver in hurry to get to worksite crashes into innocent driver.

Workplace Injuries – Worker injured at nursing home resulting in spinal injury. Employer did not carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

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