Water Contamination Attorneys

Clean, uncontaminated water and water rights are extremely valuable throughout Texas and other western states. When an environmental accident such as an oil, gas or chemical leak occurs and contaminates water, strong legal action is often required to recover damages enabling cleanup, restoration of these essential resources as well as other compensation.Our Houston water contamination attorneys are prepared to take action against the companies responsible for water contamination – not only in Texas, but in other oil- and gas-producing states such as Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico, where we can collaborate with local attorneys on behalf of those harmed. Please contact us to discuss what happened and what legal action is most likely to yield positive results for you.
Industry, Environmental and Legal Knowledge at Work For You

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the oil and gas industry and environmental problems caused by petrochemical companies, refineries and other entities sometimes responsible for water and land contamination. We can thoroughly evaluate the issues and legal options associated with threats to domestic and agricultural water supplies, including those caused by:

  • Oil And Gas well site accidents
  • Fracturing by energy companies in attempt to maximize recovery of oil and natural gas
  • Environmental accidents in the shale and basin regions of Texas and elsewhere in the western United States
  • Underground Storage Tank leaks resulting in groundwater and land contamination
  • Violations of state and federal regulations covering benzene and other chemical levels in drinking water

Fighting To Protect Your Health and Financial Interests

At The Callahan Law Firm in Houston, TX, our lawyers and professional staff are absolutely committed to pursuing valid water contamination claims and other environmental accident litigation on behalf of the citizens harmed. Whether the government takes action or not, we want to protect your interests.