Chemical Leaks And Spills


Houston Law Firm Demanding Accountability For Toxic Leaks And Spills

Oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and related companies contribute greatly to the Texas and United States economies. While many of these companies are hugely profitable, they could be much more diligent in protecting workers from injury – as well as citizens of the entire region from environmental damage that can be serious or deadly.At The Callahan Law Firm, you will find chemical spill attorneys who are knowledgeable about oil and gas exploration, development and processing, environmental law, personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Please contact our Houston lawyers if you have been harmed by a chemical leak or spill and want to understand your legal rights. We consider co-counsel and consulting opportunities nationwide as well as representing clients throughout Texas.

Proven Attorneys For Your Personal Injury Or Property Claim

We strive to give people a powerful, effective voice against corporations that try to avoid responsibility for chemical leaks and spills – whether these accidents cause personal injury, death or lasting damage to property rights and values. Our knowledge and resources enable us to thoroughly evaluate potential legal actions involving:

  • Chemical or oil leaks, whether revealed or undisclosed to the public, at our region’s many aging petrochemical plants and other industrial facilities
  • WaterLand, or air contamination of private property caused by the negligence of energy companies and their contractors during the exploration, development or production of oil and gas reserves, whether due to leaking storage tanks, pipes, valves or other equipment, the use of open-air storage ponds for refuse, or because of other negligent and careless acts

In extreme cases when government entities discover and act on a chemical spill or leak, community evacuations occur. In others, private citizens notice foul water, noxious fumes, adverse health symptoms including respiratory problems and other evidence of land contamination.

Do You Need Counsel From A Houston Chemical Spill Lawyer?

You may have both a personal injury claim and a property damage claim worth pursuing if you suspect a toxic chemical leak or spill in your area. You can turn to our Houston, TX, lawyers to investigate and offer honest, caring counsel beginning with a free consultation. We pursue negotiations and litigation on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay us unless we succeed with your claim.