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life insurance lawyers houston - callahan lawHas your valid life insurance claim been wrongfully denied?

People rely on life insurance to provide a safety net after they have lost a family member.  Unfortunately, this reliance is often misplaced as Life Insurance Companies frequently make excuses to wrongfully delay or deny valid claims.  The result is that family members are often left without the financial security the life insurance policy was meant to provide.

If you have recently lost a loved one, and then had your valid attempts to collect on that person’s life insurance policy stonewalled or outright denied, it is essential to work with an experienced life insurance attorney to help collect the money you are owed.

 At The Callahan Law Firm, we have a history of successfully representing beneficiaries in life insurance claims.  Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the problems you are facing with a life insurance claim.

Common Reasons for Delays or Denials of Life Insurance Claims

Most life insurance policies sold in Texas have what is called a “two year contestable period”.  This means that if the insured person passes away within two years of buying the policy, the insurance company has a right to investigate the insured’s death and the insurance application.  When doing this, the insurance company will do its best to try to find any “misrepresentations” contained in the application which they will use to deny the claim.  While some delays or denials might be appropriate in these circumstances, all too often the insurance companies take advantage of a grieving family’s lack of knowledge regarding insurance law to wrongfully delay or deny a claim.

How We Can Help

The language in insurance policies is purposefully confusing and virtually impossible for most people to understand. You may feel intimidated by a claims adjuster or another insurance company representative who aggressively tells you that coverage does not apply, or even that if you take action, you will create legal problems for yourself.

We refuse to be intimidated by the wealth and power of insurance companies or the “deny, delay and defend” tactics they teach their adjusters and lawyers.  Our life insurance attorneys, professional staff and outside expert resources are equipped to deal with the fact-intensive investigation, negotiations and litigation that may be required to obtain the outcome you deserve.

Life Insurance Attorney – Handling Claim Disputes in Houston, Texas

From your first contact with our experienced attorneys and staff, you can depend on us for honest, caring counsel. If we determine you have a valid life insurance claim and represent you in the effort to get the benefits you deserve, you will pay nothing unless and until we prevail in your case.

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