IKEA Finally Recalls Their Dressers in Texas

ikea dresser

IKEA announces a voluntary recall of their dressers in Texas and across the nation.

Since 2014, IKEA dressers have been in the news. It started with the deaths of two toddlers caused by Ikea dressers tipping over and crushing them. The following year IKEA announced a program that offered free mounting kits for past and present dresser owners that can be used to attach their dressers to the wall to help prevent them from tipping over.

Unfortunately, in 2016, another toddler died from one of these dressers tipping over on him. The parents of the child were aware of the anchor kits that IKEA offered, but were not able to use them because they were renting an apartment that did not allow them to put the types of holes in the walls that the anchor kit required.

In addition to these three tragic deaths, there have also been numerous injuries caused by the Ikea dressers tipping over.

Details on the IKEA Dresser Recall

From Texas Public Radio: “Now, after the third death in two years, Ikea and the CPSC have announced that the “Malm” — and other models of tall dressers — are now being recalled. Consumers can still ask for a free wall anchoring kit, but they can also opt for a refund for their furniture. Ikea is providing full refunds for dressers purchased after 2002, and partial store credit for older furniture.”

You can also find out more details about the recall directly from the company on the IKEA website:

“The recalled chests and dressers are unstable if they are not properly anchored to the wall, posing a tip-over and entrapment hazard that can result in death or injuries to children. You can contact IKEA at 1-866-856-4532 or email: secureit@ikea.com to discuss how to participate in the recall.

We are pleased by the overwhelming response to our recall announcement. However, as a result, we are experiencing extremely high call volumes and long on-hold wait times in our call center. Please review the frequently asked questions. If you need to contact IKEA regarding the recall, visit your local IKEA US store or email secureit@ikea.com. If emailing, please include your name, mailing address, phone number and photos of your chests and dressers. Thank you!”

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If you have an Ikea dresser included in this recall, please ensure the dresser is properly anchored. If you cannot anchor the dresser, stop using it and move it to an area where it cannot be accessed by children. You should also contact Ikea to make arrangements to return the defective product to them.

If an IKEA product you purchased has killed or injured a loved one, please contact our product liability lawyers today for a free case evaluation.