Houston Teen Awarded $11.5 million From Trampoline Park Brain Injury


Trampolines and other amusement parks carry inherent risks, but when park owners don’t promptly fix damaged attractions, tragedy is too often the result.

Amusement parks are places for fun and laughter. But for one family in Houston, the laughter was swept away by horror when their son fell through a tear in a trampoline, falling several feet and striking his head, sustaining a brain injury.

Max Menchaca suffered a fractured skull and cannot remember the 2013 accident. The Houston Chronicle reported that at trial there was evidence that the park operators knew of the tear, but didn’t close off that section of the park. The jury found the park was grossly negligent according to the verdict, awarding Max $5.5 million in compensatory damages and $6 million in punitive damages.

Although Max finished high school, he suffered brain bleeding that could result in long term problems such as early dementia. He has had to undergo extensive therapy.

His mother expressed gratitude to the jury.

“We were so pleased that the jury took care of Max and sent a strong message to trampoline places that if you set up shop in our communities, our base level expectation is that they will be safe for your kids,” said Traci Menchaca, Max’s mother.

Trampoline Park Popularity Soaring… But So Are Injuries

Trampoline parks have been mushrooming across the country in the last few years. Other types of amusement parks, especially those with mechanical rides, are regulated and inspected by the state. However, trampoline parks may need more safeguards to protect their customers. Max’s mother hopes the jury decision will spur lawmakers to increase scrutiny of trampoline parks.

Doctors are seeing more trampoline injuries from these parks, as illustrated in this news report:

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Traumatic brain injury can cause a lifetime of challenges for the brain injured person as well as the family members who will provide much of the long term care.

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