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Texting and driving can be deadly.

Many people have tragically discovered that distracted driving is approaching drunk driving in its magnitude as a danger on Houston streets and Texas highways. Nearly every day, car accidents are caused by drivers who were texting while driving.

Around the country, new laws are being enacted or considered to specifically address texting, handheld cell phone use, and in some cases, use of any wireless device while driving.

If you believe a car, 18-wheeler, commercial vehicle, pedestrian, or other roadway accident that seriously harmed you or a family member may have been caused by distracted driving – or you simply do not know the cause – please reach-out to our firm’s texting and driving attorneys today.

Uncovering the Truth and Holding Distracted Drivers Responsible

We are versed in the dangers posed by distracted or “inattentive” drivers and the various laws and regulations that may apply. Equally or more important, our Houston texting and driving accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience to prove your case for compensation using cell phone records, witness testimony and other evidence.

When our Houston, TX-based attorneys launch an investigation of any fatal or serious injury-causing auto accident, we are alert to possible factors including:

  • A passenger vehicle driver or truck driver’s inattentive driving due to use of a cell phone, GPS device, handheld computer or other electronic equipment.
  • The specific, extreme dangers of texting while driving which all too often result in rear-end collisions, failure to stop at red lights and stop signs, failure to yield the right of way, lane drifting and other potentially fatal driving mistakes.
  • The potential for other collision causing behaviors while driving such as reading, eating, adjusting the radio or CD player, working on a laptop, or trying to clean up spills or pick up items on the floorboard.

Proving that the driver who caused your serious Houston highway accident was distracted is work for an experienced injury lawyer with a history of success.

At The Callahan Law Firm, that is who we are:

Experienced personal injury trial lawyers with a long history of successfully representing individuals and families in car accident cases and truck accident cases caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior.

Harmed by a Distracted Driver? Lawyers Who Can Prove It Are Ready to Help

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