Stolen 18-Wheeler Crashed into Northwest Harris County Home, Killing Woman Inside

October 28, 2021 | Michael S. Callahan
10.28.21_ACCIDENTNEWS_Stolen 18-Wheeler Crashes into Northwest Harris County Home, Killing Woman Inside
Photo from Houston Chronicle

A woman has died after a stolen 18-wheeler crashed into her home, killing her. Houston police stated this accident occurred early Tuesday morning. Authorities state that 39-year-old Erik Black has been charged with felony murder and reckless aggravated assault, and that he was out on parole for evading a motor vehicle and has a long criminal history.

Authorities state that Black stole a tractor-trailer and was driving it while police chased him. He then jumped from the stolen 18-wheeler before it crashed into the woman’s mobile home. The chase began when officers received a call Monday night around 10:30 p.m. about a stolen vehicle. When officers arrived, they were told by the trucking company there that one of their trucks had been stolen.

Officers then tracked the tractor-trailer to Capital Park Drive, near where it intersects with the Sam Houston Tollway. They arrived to find the suspect still inside the vehicle. Black then led them on a brief chase down Lincoln Drive and then jumped out of the moving vehicle near the T-intersection with McKinley Street. Black landed in a nearby ditch, and the 18-wheeler then rolled through a gate, crashed into a truck in the driveway, and ultimately stopped when it hit the woman’s trailer home. The impact killed the woman, who died at the scene, and severely injured her husband.

Investigators reported that the impact also flipped over other vehicles and pinned the woman and her husband inside the home. The husband was stuck underneath the vehicle’s gas tank for more than an hour before firefighters were able to extract him and take him to the hospital. There were two other adults in the home that were not injured.

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