Montgomery Accident Leaves 18-Wheeler Dangling Off Overpass

November 15, 2022 | Michael S. Callahan
11.15.22_ACCIDENTNEWS_Montgomery Accident Leaves 18-Wheeler Dangling Off Overpass_Photo
Photo from Houston Chronicle

All of the northbound lanes of SH-99 were shut down due to an accident in Montgomery involving an 18-wheeler and a moving truck that resulted in the 18-wheeler hanging off of an overpass. The accident occurred yesterday morning, at about 8:36 a.m., at the Grand Parkway over Birnamwood in Montgomery County.

The circumstances of the accident are still being investigated. Officials believe that the moving truck struck the 18-wheeler, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The box truck then ran off of the road and landed on the service road beneath the overpass. The cab of the 18-wheeler was partially hanging off of the overpass.

The driver of the box truck was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. He is reported to be stable, having suffered a double femur fracture and a head injury. The 18-wheeler driver was miraculously uninjured following the crash.

The roads were blocked for several hours following the accident as the South Montgomery Fire Department, the Spring Fire Department, Montgomery County Hospital District, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the Woodlands Fire Department worked to remove the 18-wheeler and box truck.

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