Rear-End Truck Accidents in Houston

close up of orange semi-truck rear ending a blue sedan

Being rear-ended by a truck – whether a semi-truck, tractor-trailer, dump truck, concrete truck, or other – can be an agonizing experience that affects a victim’s life for years. The cost of treating injuries can run into six figures and beyond, in addition to loss of income. The emotional toll from a rear-end truck accident in Houston can also be substantial, as a long-term disability can prevent a person from participating in the activities they enjoy, reducing their quality of life.

You should not have to bear the financial consequences of an accident someone else caused. The Callahan Law Firm can help you pursue the compensation you need after a rear-end truck accident in Houston or anywhere throughout the state of Texas. Our lawyers have recovered substantial compensation for our clients over the course of more than 25 years representing injured people and their families. We are ready to put our experience to work for you.

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Common Causes of Rear-End Truck Accidents

Most rear-end truck accidents result from driver error or negligence, while other parties sometimes play a role. Some of the most common causes of Houston rear-end truck crashes include:

  • Following too closely – The leading cause of rear-end collisions involving trucks is following too closely, also known as tailgating. Trucks take significant time and distance to slow and stop. When a truck driver does not leave enough space behind traffic ahead, that driver may be unable to brake in time and come to a safe stop to avoid a collision.
  • Impaired driving – Truck drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol may not realize how close they are to cars in front of them and may not be able to react in time if traffic slows or stops. An impaired truck driver is likelier to hit a car in front of them. Impaired drivers are also more likely to take unsafe risks that can lead to a crash.
  • Drowsy driving – Federal regulations require truck drivers to follow hours-of-service rules because of how taxing it can be to drive a truck. A truck driver who has not gotten enough rest may experience lapses in judgment, poor reflexes, and issues with sensory perception. These factors all make a rear-end truck accident more likely.
  • Distracted driving – Trucks take a long time to slow down and stop due to their substantial size and weight. If a truck driver is not paying attention to traffic, they may be unable to slow down in time to avoid hitting someone in front of them. In extreme cases, distracted truck drivers may not notice a vehicle in front of them until a crash happens.
  • Speeding – Speeding trucks take longer to slow down and strike with greater force – causing more significant injuries – when they strike other objects. Speeding also gives a trucker less time to react to changes in traffic ahead.
  • Mechanical defects – If a truck’s brakes, transmission, steering, or other components fail at the wrong time, the truck driver may be unable to slow down in time to avoid hitting someone in front of them. A lack of proper maintenance and inspection makes catastrophic failures more likely.
  • Unsecured or unbalanced cargo – When a truck’s cargo breaks loose or is not balanced correctly, the truck’s handling is thrown off, making it harder for the driver to stay in control. In some cases, this could lead to a rear-end accident or other accident involving a lost load.
  • Poor road conditions – Commercial trucks take longer to slow down on slippery roads, which can lead to a crash. Truck drivers must account for bad weather and adjust their actions accordingly to avoid rear-end collisions.

Why Is It So Dangerous When a Truck Causes a Rear-End Collision?

While any rear-end collision can be devastating, those involving trucks are especially so because of the following factors:

  • More severe injuries – In general, truck accidents cause more severe injuries than car accidents because trucks weigh more than cars and as a result, the force of an impact is much greater. This principle applies to rear-end truck crashes as well.
  • Greater chance of override accidents – Because semi-trucks sit higher off the ground than most other vehicles, they can essentially drive over smaller vehicles during a crash. When a truck collides with another vehicle and rolls over it, it is called an override accident. Because of the difference in size and bumper height, rear-end truck collisions are more likely to override and crush smaller vehicles in front of the truck.
  • Chain-reaction crashes – Sometimes, a truck that rear-ends another car will force that car into the back of another vehicle. Chain-reaction crashes like this often involve horrific injuries and extensive property damage. These crashes are especially dangerous for any vehicle in the chain reaction, especially the vehicle hit by the truck as well as those closer to the truck-car initial impact.

Who Is Responsible for a Rear-End Truck Collision?

Our truck accident attorneys are prepared to gather the necessary evidence and promptly get to work to establish who is responsible for your injuries. Examples of some potentially liable parties in a rear-end truck collision include:

  • The truck driver – The truck driver will be liable for a rear-end crash if they were impaired, speeding, careless, reckless, or otherwise negligent.
  • The trucking company – The truck company who hired the truck driver is responsible for the negligence of its driver, especially if they hired a worker with known safety issues or a driver without the necessary qualifications. A trucking company may also be responsible for a crash if they did not monitor the driver for failing to maintain proper drivers logs, failing to inspect the truck and trailer, impaired driving or other safety issues.
  • The truck’s manufacturer – A truck’s manufacturer may liable for a rear-end accident if a mechanical defect caused the crash.
  • Maintenance companies – Poor maintenance leading to a rear-end truck crash can be the fault of the mechanics responsible for making repairs.
  • Cargo loaders – Companies responsible for loading the truck may be liable for a crash if they fail to secure the cargo or do not ensure the load is balanced correctly.
  • Shippers and Brokers – Companies that coordinate who will haul a specific load can be held responsible if they hire or allow truck drivers or truck companies with poor safety records to transport the load involved in the crash.

Injuries in Rear-End Truck Accident Claims

Rear-end truck accidents in Houston and throughout Texas often cause severe injuries, such as:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis including paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Herniated disc in the spine
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries, including whiplash
  • Crush injuries
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • External injuries to the head and face
  • Severe burns
  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Severed or crushed limbs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Death

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